Tuesday, 15 July 2014

ZK turns two! :)

So fast, our little boy is now a two-year-old toddler!

With ZY still fragile and learning to latch on properly, we opted for a little celebration for ZK at home on Saturday. We started with the presents so that if he got dirty after dinner, he could go straight to the shower and his bed!

YeePo gave him a cute dog - thankfully, it's not real haha! He walked the dog here and there, and this morning, almost brought it to school! I asked him to let the dog sit at the foot of the sofa to wait for him to come home.

And I finally gave him the Thomas umbrella! He probably won't know how to use it yet but it's something to coax him into the stroller on rainy days...

Now the first boxed present - trains with tracks from AhMa.

He loves opening stuff - every evening, he must open the little box of raisins himself. This day proved to be no exception, although the boxes were much larger!

Papa assembled the tracks for him to play his various choo-choo parts. He also opened up YeePo's present - the car that moves around the world in 10 seconds!

In the middle of the tracks were some small vehicles from his friend in school! His friend also gave ZY a little fluff toy just for being hatched! So Mama ZK gave his friend a little thank-you note, which Mama put into a cute folder for him to bring to school.

PS: I held ZK's hand to write the big letters - so hard to have him sit still! *.*

And of course, Papa's present - an excavator!! Papa really wanted to get him something fun :) And he loves it! There's a little truck among the train set, much littler than the excavator, but he loves playing with them together, digging imaginary soil and transferring to the truck - working his imagination seems better than getting him an accompanying truck after all! :) (In any case, he has a whole set of such construction vehicles over at Mum's place *.*)

GuGu's present got him most excited - by then, he understood that these mysterious boxes of various shapes and sizes contained wonderful toys! And wonderful it was!

Our TV bench was lined up with his toys that day. And that night, we kept some toys and parts to ration to him in the next year or two. Or three. He still has presents from his first birthday in the cabinet, untouched since the day they were opened!

And nightmare - that night, he woke at 2 am, said 早安妈妈 and went out to play with his toys! He also brought in some and I was so worried he would wake his brother! Eventually, we got him to stop playing - the cars are parked in the carpark for the night :p His excitement is understandable. But we really must learn how to anticipate this and manage it so that everyone gets some rest.

Dinner was noodles from Mum, cos the birthday boy likes his noodles! Managed to sneak in some meat :p

Then, it was cake time! Thomas cake from Polar!

ZK blew out his candles on his own, with support from Papa cos I forgot to shift the cake nearer the edge amid the excitement!

And Mama helped him with the first cut.

ZK and I have similar taste in cake - chocolate! And instead of the usual chocolate sponge, we had royal chocolate - sounds more chocolatey!

Yum yum!

Hmm, I think I want more of the white chocolate cake sign...

So I had another one!

Happy happy birthday, our dear ZK :)

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