Thursday, 24 July 2014

The family room - and bed

I mentioned that ZK started opening his room door to come to our room the very night we returned from the hospital. Since then, he came in every night with the very odd exception, between 9 pm and midnight. And the past few evenings at bedtime, he asked to go to 妈妈房间 but I said no. He whined as I left his room.

Sito and I felt for him; he probably realised that he was the only one sleeping on his own. Worse, he felt neglected :( We should be glad he still wants to sayang ZY.

Today, he came home with a soiled diaper so we showered him. Um, usually, we don't but I suppose we should start to shower him every evening as (a) he can be really dirty from playing in school, and (b) the shower today went well despite ZY being awake the whole time.

Anyway, after the shower, he didn't leave our room - he wanted to stay on for bedtime. And we gave in.

I nursed ZY while ZK flipped about on the bed, moving the tissue box from the bedside table to the headrest, asking for his water bottle, singing a weird combo of 小白船 and 摇啊摇... Sito came in halfway to shower and lie next to ZK. It took what seemed like forever, and just as I thought this wasn't working out, both boys went quiet and still. And that was a decent 8.25 pm.

I also recently realised that ZK has been sleeping through in our bed. In particular, he was out until 7 am this morning! Yes, he flips around a lot and fell off the bed at least twice already. Yes, sometimes he asks for his pacifier. Yes, he whines in his sleep - don't want don't want! But overall, he doesn't really wake up until 5 + at the earliest - with a cheery 早安妈妈 :)

If he is getting good sleep, I suppose this is a good arrangement. We also enjoy looking at ZK as he sleeps - since when did he grow this big?! But this isn't sustainable cos we often have to shift him around in the middle of the night, e.g. I could go out to change ZY's diapers and return to find him taking up my side of the bed. Or he would whack us somewhere with his super strong legs.

We're going to use nap times to put ZK and ZY together in the other room and see when we could safely have them sleep together at night too without us being around. We hope to be able to convince ZK to stay with ZY, seeing how he has been a really loving big brother so far. Wish us luck!

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