Thursday, 31 July 2014

The boys in the past two weeks

Double chin at last!

Went for his first month jab on Tuesday and he weighed in at 3.97 kg - a full kilo since birth, woohoo! He used to feel like a chicken when I held him up by his head and limbs - not anymore! :)

He has super cute toes - rounded toe pads :)

I like Papa! :)

Clan Sito went out on their own for the first time last Saturday. It was quite successful :)

I prepared the stroller for ZY, i.e. lower and shorter straps, horizontal seat. He slept from home until dinner time - how timely *.* Luckily I had my trusty sling with me so I still got to eat..

I also put the front tray on so that we can easily convert the stroller for ZK's use should he want it. And of course he wanted it!!

We didn't strap him down and once, he came out from the bottom of the tray! Since then, we always strap him down with the bottom straps as the top straps are kept at infant position, but that's enough to keep him from sliding downward purposely.

So that day, we went to Star Vista for ramen and ice cream! He started out hesitating, saying that it was cold. But he soon took to it, and we dug in as well to cut down his intake..

Put ZY in the infant car seat when we went for his first month jab. So wobbly :)

I forgot how to release the straps properly so I took the seat home to try it out. Also hoped that ZY would nap in it but fat hope! He looks funny here :p

This is not ZK!

These days, I try to make ZY sleep first so that I can attend to ZK in the evening. If ZY sleeps in the other room, I check the camera while putting ZK in bed. Sometimes, I have ZY on my chest and ZK by my side - ZK would sayang didi sometimes but more often, I have to fend off his 剪刀脚 *.* Today, I nursed ZY in bed with ZK next to him - have to fend off the bigger head and butt *.*

Bedtime is very challenging now, especially as Sito has gone back to work. But it's also quite fun. Two evenings ago, ZK and I sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star together - the full song, the two of us :) And he showed that he could sing a lot more, even 月光光!

Finally dug out the baby gym yesterday! Born 2012? Wrong! :p

Look what I found on my arm after a nursing session - a "earmark"!!

So the significant event this month - apart from ZY gaining weight - was his manyue! And he slept in the car seat on the floor and let me eat! Happy Mama :)

Like for ZK, we went to Peach Garden but the new one at Metropolis. The room was much smaller for more people - yes, Mother actually came! And hence so did MZ and YQ - but there was just enough space for a group shot.

And our first family shot - Papa with Astro Boy-hair, Mama with messy hair (supposed to be tied!), ZK with a lot of hair (and biting my phone *.*) and ZY with newborn hair and looking all scrunched up :)

And let's not forget the older boy who is still unable to pose properly for photos yet - he won a little squishy pillow for being the best dressed kid for Racial Harmony Day commemoration in school last Monday! :)

Sito got the yukata for him when he went to Japan for work early this year - so cute right? :)

And that Friday, they celebrated Hari Raya Puasa in school - that's our son reaching for more snacks :p

Fridays are days for water play! Think we should get him a swimsuit at some point...

And of course, the brothers together :)

ZK loves having ZY on his lap to sayang :) I should mention that ZK gave his first kiss to ZY on 20 July! ZK doesn't kiss people - he lets others kiss him! But that day, I demo-ed a few times and he put his lips to ZY's face :)

And the other day, ZY was quiet while ZK drank milk next to him :)

Mama, what is GeGe doing? I also want!

Uh-oh... Haha!

Anyway, I went out with ZY on my own for the first time today! Had lunch with CY, forever my 损友 when it comes to eating, haha! But we had fun :) Also shopped for Daiso stuff (yeah!), socks for ZK and a toy for an upcoming kiddy birthday party. Very, very tired by the time I got back.. But it was a successful trip - ZY didn't fuss much at the boob, and I even changed a poopy diaper and nursed ZY in a nursing room. Gaining more confidence to head out more with ZY! :)

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