Friday, 17 October 2014


Thought this is a good thing to break the series of posts on the Sito babies :p

So ever since our first date night in a long time on 21 Feb 2014, we've had other date nights:

There's the western food at the Chang Cheng kopitiam on 25 April:

Omakase on 9 May - super yummy burgers that should have been twice as large for more shiokness!

Ma Maison on 13 June cos Ikea happened to have an event and was too crowded for us to dig into meatballs... This is my burger, with cheese on top:

And Sito's burger grill:

Dessert on 20 June where we ordered a pop rock cake...

... and a yummy waffle from 2 am downstairs:

There were a few other date nights as well - went for ramen, hor fun etc.

This was earlier this year when we managed to get seats at Tim Ho Wan at Plaza Sing pretty fast on a weekday. We weren't impressed. The char siew polo buns were good but the rest were rather bland - I had to use chilli on my dim sum for the first time ever!

Used a coupon at Yoshimaru in ZY's early days - without ZY! Some sesame sauce ramen, rather salty...

Sito got them when he returned from Jakarta on Wednesday :) Today, I offered the cute Halloween one to ZK who only liked the chocolate bits *.*

These are other food I had - on my own or with non-Sito :p

I had a lot of bah chor mee when pregnant with ZY - I couldn't drink water so I drank loads of pork soup! Auntie kindly gave me a big bowl of soup and even gave me a big bowl of noodles at no extra charge! I found out only when I went with a colleague and compared... I thanked her and said no need extra so she gave me her usual portion of noodles but always topped up with more ingredients. So nice right?

I've always thought it silly to order instant noodles outside but I did it once when I wanted some spicy soup...

Some nights, I made it myself - topped with a slice of cheese!

This is post-ZY when I was out running errands one day - Nam Nam:

Quite recently, tea at Provence downstairs:

And of course, Children's Day ice cream! For free from Swensen's cos of their weekday special! Was with LS at the airport - nice to have Children's Day ice cream again, and with a friend!

Just a bit of fuzzy history about Children's Day ice cream... The idea started back in secondary school, when we were given ice cream for Youth Day one year. One year in JC, I can't remember which now, I remembered about that Youth Day ice cream near Children's Day, I think, and that was it - Children's Day ice cream was born!

Just last week, with Mum at Curry Times at Westgate. I love the decor! Others give peanuts; they give little gems. In fact, we can take them ourselves from a big container at the payment counter. I had fish cutlet while Mum had dry laksa (not in picture). And dessert was bor bor cha cha! Omg, when was the last time I had that?! I remember Ah Yee used to make it some Sundays when we were younger and could consume all those calories on a fairly regular basis..

And then there were relatively massive cooking, i.e. more work than instant mee, like muffins!

Chicken pie and omelette with spinach and cheese when CW and family were here:

I made at least three banana cakes (link updated) this year as we kept having over-ripe bananas for a while. This one was cooked in the rice cooker - very easy!

Hmmm, I should really update my cooking blog (link updated)...

And the latest - 100 旺仔小馒头!They tasted quite different from the commercial ones though. Will put up recipe on my cooking blog later as well...

Hope to post more non-kid stuff! After all, "mama" is my most important title but it's just one of my many titles :)

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  1. Ooh you have a cooking blog? Do share! Would love to know how to make banana cake in the rice cooker!


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