Monday, 20 October 2014

Smelling my babies

I just got back from milk milk time with ZY. When I was burping him, I sank my nose into his two inches of standing baby hair - ahhh, heaven :)

Ok, so it was J&J baby shampoo but it was my baby :)

I love smelling ZY.

In the day, I'll smell his hair too but it'll be missing the shampoo smell. It just smells oily due to the remaining cradle cap on his front fontanelle. But I love it.

There are days when he is madly shedding ear wax and he smells like ear wax. But I love it, especially when his ears are a little damp from accidental sprays during bath time.

And there are times when he has green snot so he smells like snot. I'll rub noses with him so that I can smell more of his snotty smell.

And then, there are his clammy hands which smell sour from sweat and more recently, saliva. I don't know why but I love sniffing his little hands.

I also smelled his breath the other day. It's like baby, so sweet :) And so is his skin, :)

The past couple of weeks, I have been rubbing ruyi oil on him at almost every diaper change (instead of upon waking and after bathing) as he;s been gassy. Every so often, the smell floats into my nose even when I'm not actively putting my nose on my baby. When I smell it, I blow raspberries at his belly and take in more of it.

Heck, I'd even smell his butt when he poops! In part to confirm the poop, in part cos his poop is infinitely nicer smelling than his brother's!

How can this baby not smell nice??

On the other hand....

ZK typically smells like (1) sweat, (2) snot, (3) saliva, (4) pee and (5) poop.

Throw in a sixth one - whatever he's eating.

(That used to be a butter cookie..)

But after a shower, ZK smells really nice, like J&J and fresh linen. But when he snuggles up to me as he falls asleep, he still smells like the first baby I know, and that's one lovely scent :)

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