Tuesday, 7 October 2014

My poor ZK

It pains me to see ZK sad - unless it's because I whack him - and he has been sad often in the last couple of weeks.

Whenever he sees me nurse ZY, he cries to be carried as well - by me; Papa would not do. Once, after ZY was done, he crawled into my lap, pulled at my shirt and said "milk milk, open..."! I didn't offer - I told him that he couldn't have it as he had teeth. He still sayangs ZY though he once said he didn't want didi. So it isn't jealousy; it is sadness, it is insecurity :(

These days, Sito is in Singapore so I haven't been bunking in with the kids. So ZK has been coming over every night. We let him cos he must have felt that he's no longer our one and only :(

Just now, I took advantage of a new toy from his teacher. I tucked him in, adjusted his toys around him and asked him if I could leave the room since he had his toys and didi for company. He was pouting a little but bravely said ok. So I kissed him goodnight and left.

Immediately, I heard him get up and sure enough, soon the door opened and a little sad face looked out from inside. He didn't say a thing, just looking at me. I asked him if he wanted me back. Yes... My poor baby... I went back with him and told him I'd be with him a while more.

My ZK is still a baby, my precious baby.

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