Saturday, 27 September 2014

At the playground

We have been going to the playground almost every Saturday before dinner.

He liked the highest slide. Today, he found that he could grip the handle above the slide and swing like a monkey. But he would just swing and stop, swing and stop. I think it's only a matter of time before he swings off right onto the slide and slides down..

And at the top of the slide, he could see the other playground across the road - AhMa 家 playground! Big playground! :)

Today, he decided that it was fun trying to walk off the platform of the slide structure, onto horizontal railings that step down to the ground. Sito had to stand right there with him to hold him but ZK would only go onto the first railing. Again, a matter of time.

Often, there were other kids at the playground, and sometimes they would interact, though not all interactions were good.

The last time we were at the playground, we met a boy just younger than him. After a short chat with the mum, we realised that the boy was entering his playgroup class the following Monday. This was one of the friendlier kids we met at the playground. There was another super friendly boy some weeks ago but he was speaking some European language with a kiddy accent such that I couldn't even tell which language that was!

Today, there were two other girls in the playground with him, one older and one younger, unrelated. They were all running around screaming! Such fun! But when the girls ran to the slides, ZK went after them saying "it's mine!" *.*

ZK was standing still when the younger girl ran into him and fell to the floor. She ran back to her father while ZK, all confused as to why the girl fell, was walking to us. We thought the girl was such a poor thing and asked ZK to go sayang her and say sorry, which he did :)

Then, when ZK went to another part of the playground, the girl came over and pushed him from behind and ran away! The poor boy turned around and gave a sad look :( I felt so 委屈 for him :( I could only say that the meimei didn't know how to talk so she couldn't say sorry. He climbed up the play structure and at the platform where he met us, he said, "Meimei naughty! I don't want meimei.." Yes, my dear boy, that was a naughty meimei indeed!

Then a pair of siblings appeared. They were much older; the sister was there with her dog and just watching her younger brother play. ZK saw the dog and walked over. I knew he wanted to touch the dog so I asked him to ask the girl for permission. He repeated the request after me and the girl was very nice and let him touch. But this boy got scared - he said "bite!" Ah well, if that's the case, let's not touch it la *.*

We also encountered anti-social behaviour some weeks ago. This girl who looked like she was in lower primary school was hoarding the slides. First, she went to the highest slide and just sat there at the top repeatedly blowing a balloon and releasing it. When she slid down, she remained at the bottom even though there were three kids waiting to slide down. I gently asked her to move away. Later, however, she came back with her balloon and climbed up the slide from the bottom, blocking other kids again. The mum was sitting there not looking so I went over to ask her to talk to her daughter.

Some time ago, I read this article that we don't have to beat ourselves up if we stare into our phones while our kids run around in the playground because, really, we don't need to watch them having fun the whole time when we already watch them all the time. As a fellow mum, I can agree - if the kids are having fun and are safe, I don't have to watch over them like a hawk; I could actually play with my phone and have some me time! But the anti-social girl reminded me that I should be a responsible parent - safety of my kids aside, I should also make sure they practise good playground etiquette and do not hurt other kids or be a nuisance.

Anyway, photo time!

With Papa! He looks so different compared to a year ago at the playground!

This is where he goes "hello!" through the hole :)

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