Monday, 1 September 2014

ZY is two months old!

Yup, my littler baby turned two months last week :)

There has been ups and downs, with the downs mostly to do with bedtime; the initial fussing at the boobs is much less noticeable now.

There were also a few scares/worries. First, the BCG site. I found a whitehead on it in mid August. I squeezed it lightly and green pus came out! I swear, it was a light squeeze *.* At the next change, I found some blood on the diaper around the BCG site. It got me worried and made me google like mad, finding nothing conclusive. Some days later, I happened to flip through his health booklet and found information on this - it didn't explicitly say that there could be pus but it did mention something to the effect that such an occurrence is nothing to worry about. Lesson learnt - read the health booklet! And interestingly, he had some fussy sleep episodes before that that disappeared after the pus came out, hmmm...

Second, the lip tie. So after the PD and LC, we sought the advice of a PD surgeon. He thought there was no need to cut the lip tie as ZY could nurse, and quite well. As for dental concerns, he thought we should just monitor and only do something if necessary later because the part of the frenulum that could affect his two front teeth would have to be cut off from the gums under GA. Scary... Ok, we'll monitor...

So what has ZY been up to in the past two weeks? :)

Being abandoned at the sofa by Papa! Hoho! Sito decided to place him there one day cos we remember doing that with ZK! Super cute look *swoon*

ZY has better head control than ZK - his head was quite steady on the net thing at Mum's place. The next time he got on this, he pooped through the net *.*

Um, and ZK decided to have his turn when ZY wasn't on it! Too small for you, my dear... So he took to filling it with toys and wheeling it around the house yesterday!

ZY had his first haircut! It's for his name stamp. The person who cut his hair was the same as the one who cut ZK's hair two years back!

Tummy time! Perhaps because he has better head control, he is less opposed to the idea of tummy time compared to ZK. But he drools a lot in this position! And ZK always says "didi eat!" when he sees this picture ^.^

ZY's burp look - I like!

Baby cleavage!

You can see some yellowish skin on his eyebrows and between them - yup, cradle cap, but less serious than ZK's at least for now. I used olive oil on it some time ago but since it is quite thin, I thought I'd let it drop by itself for a while.

Some nights, ZY doesn't sleep before ZK comes in. So the light stays on and the toy comes in with the brother, and the younger one stays awake!

ZY is much more responsive now. If I look at him, he'll smile back. He's such a happy baby! :)

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