Friday, 29 August 2014

My milk is good!

Evidence? ZY is meatier now! Even his feet when I took off his booties in early August! I estimate him at about 5 kg now :) And he often gets milk milk facial - so lucky cos ZK didn't get that! So proud of my milk milk, haha!

ZY shielding his food mama from prying eyes...

Today, I left ZY's side for the very first time to accompany ZK to a school excursion to the navy museum. I prepared too much milk for him and he didn't finish. So just now, I offered the remaining 80 ml to ZK who took almost all! He didn't show much recognition but - well, I could have been biased, but - I thought he seemed quite happy having it. This was after rejecting most of his usual formula this morning. Looks like I won't get to drink my own leftover milk in Milo like last time now that I have an older kid to take it all! :p

Unlike with ZK, I have not experienced super hard boobs this time though I get swollen boobs here and there. But some times at night when I start to swell and ZY is sleeping, I'll be wondering when he will wake to relieve me, or whether I should go pump. Last night, I had to relieve one side but was too lazy to prepare the pump and wash the parts. So I hand-expressed. It was the second time I did it - the first time, I ended up pulling out the pump cos the output was sad - and I managed to compress to let down! Yielded 30 ml in 10 min, quite happy. ZY woke some 30 min later and drained everything, phew!

I started pumping to store on 12 August, almost exactly three months before I start work. Usually, I latch one side and pump the other in the morning. It takes me two days to fill one bag. So far, I have collected some eight bags of milk, about 150 ml to 200 ml each. Come next month, I'll add another pump session in the afternoon as I'll be pumping twice at work when I go back. From October or so, I may add yet another morning session as I'll pump before going to work too. I'm hoping not to pump at night unless I'm kiasu about my stash... Hopefully, I'll have enough stash to give ZY breast milk for a longer period of time.

Now that I'm seriously building up my milk stash, I realise how small my freezer is! I'll need the entire small compartment for my milk cubes when I start storing them from October, which means all the bags until then will need to go into the other compartment with other foodstuff. I have bought and started using big containers to store frozen meat so that they are not out in the open in the freezer. But with the space crunch, I think I'll have to do away with buying meat for the week and have Y go buy meat every day instead.

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