Friday, 15 August 2014

Sleep matters

So much for locking the door.

Early Tuesday morning at close to 6 am, ZK unlocked his door and came over. So I decided to turn the lock twice but he managed to unlock it too at about 2 am and came over. So I decided to not lock it so that he would lock himself in instead - naughty mama! But of course he still came over at about 1 am. We had to divide and conquer cos he refused to sleep for two hours - that means Sito with ZK, and food me with ZY.

And yesterday, we put in a new mattress for ZY. The idea was for me to bunk in with them both.

New bed! :)

Now the less :) part.... So I set ZY down to sleep and lay next to ZK until he fell asleep. But I fell asleep too and woke at 9 pm, shortly before ZY woke for his milk - he has been waking up at that time for the past few nights; I miss the nights when he slept to midnight or 1 am!

Spent the next couple of hours in my bed in my own room, relaxing in a room flooded with light! Sito commented that we hadn't had light in our room at that time for a while, sighs... Anyway, it was soon time for me to sleep so I crept back into ZK's bed.

But just past midnight, ZK woke somehow! And best, ZY also woke for milk! ZK was wide awake as I nursed his brother and when I left to change ZY, he started crying. I asked him if he wanted to follow, and if so, to drop his bolster and Meh Meh first. So we ended up at the changing mat where ZK promptly found the diaper cream and made a mess! Had to wake Y to clean him up while I cleaned poop.

Sleeplessness followed - I put ZY down in bed drowsy but as ZK was noisy, he couldn't fall into deep sleep and ended up struggling for the next hour while I tried to settle ZK. When that failed and I thought ZY really needed to sleep already, I decided to nurse him to sleep. Which meant that ZK was up again!! He brought my sunglasses in and almost destroyed it. He brought in a pack of boxes I just got from Ikea and tried to open it.

Eventually, he went to find Papa. I could hear him asking Sito to fetch his bolster etc from his bed *.* But Sito fell asleep before ZK did - actually ZK did not fall asleep so he came over again with all his disrupting antics!! I think he went to find Sito again, and came out again when Sito fell asleep before I got so fed up by 4 am and asked Sito to contain him properly while I locked the other room from the inside. That was when the boys finally got some sleep, after ZK lost four freaking hours and ZY about half that.

By then I was so pissed and worried that I couldn't fall asleep. I kept checking the camera to see if ZK had fallen asleep. And I wondered if he would be sleepy in school the next day. When I slept, it was short-lived as ZY woke again! Gaaar!

After ZK went to school, ZY woke again but I managed to put him down again and sleep with him for a good two hours. But just now, I struggled with ZY's sleep - spent an hour trying to make him sleep. When he did, after two milk milk sessions an hour apart, he napped for a grand 35 min!! I was so pissed! Why do my kids hate sleep?! I already abstain from caffeine very strictly this time!

Anyway, I nursed him again and finally he napped for an hour before stirring. As I type, he just drifted back into his troubled nap. Hope he can sleep until 5 pm because usually, he doesn't sleep again until 7 plus at the earliest.

I dread bedtime today. But I have no choice. Gotta suck it up and hope for the best. When Sito goes overseas again, I'll divide and conquer with Y - ZY will sleep in my room. And this time, I'll lock my bedroom from the inside!

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