Wednesday, 20 August 2014

August updates

Haven't had much time to upload pictures and blog these days. In the day, I'm out or napping with ZY. Night time used to be personal time but now I'm limited to a couple of hours in my room after the kids fall asleep and before I go to bunk in in case either wakes and wakes the other up.

Since I don't have much time, I'll type less and put up more photos!

Let's start with ZK...

He re-discovered the baby gym! Only, he's too big for it!

Hi, have we met before?

They celebrated National Day in school the day before - ZK came home with a tattoo on his left cheek and another on his right arm! And doesn't he look like Sito in this shot??

Papa, underwear!

That's right, we put underwear on him for the first time on National Day! Kept asking him if he didn't to shhh shhh and he kept saying no. But barely a couple of minutes after saying no at 10-ish, he peed while sitting on his little chair o_O We washed and put a diaper on him. The underwear thing repeated the next morning. Then Sito said we should leave him in his wet underwear so that he could understand the consequence - that's right! Silly mama...

Attempted a selfie while the tattoo was still fresh but he couldn't stay still..

We were heading out for lunch but this boy trespassed into our neighbour's flat!! Luckily they were very kind to him. The lady even brought out a Thomas biscuit tin for him! He wanted it of course but guess what? He looked at the tin and the neighbour, uncertain. When I said he could take it, he went "Mama, take! I want Mama take.." No way, baby.. If you want something offered, you have to take it yourself - with my permission of course. So he ended up just staring at them until the lift arrived.. I thanked our neighbour anyway..

Asked him to smile and he gave me a face smile with laughter *.*

I haven't been keeping track of his teeth but I think all except the last molars are out or coming out. The latest were his canines - his bites will be even more painful! Avoid at all cost!

See the little thing on the floor in the middle of the picture? That's ZK having a meltdown cos we were just there for snacks and not going to take the MRT!

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Now, the small baby who is coming to seven weeks old tmr... I want to post so many pictures!!

And this is the reason!!

And this!

This swaddle has been used maybe twice by this baby - he doesn't seem to like it. And every time I used this swaddle, he leaked pee within a couple of hours. Sian.

Propped up and looking.... like a baby!

You will never walk alone :) (Mum got this as a sale item btw - we are no fans, hoho!)

Sling off me - and smiling in his sleep!

Yawn... Put me down instead of propping me up!

Nah, bring you out instead :) ZK used the same car seat. The strap is now more difficult to adjust... Ah well..

We usually sleep together like this once a day.

Close up of the cute sleeping face:

ZK lay on me a few times too, but for a few seconds and not to sleep, thank goodness - he's heavy!

ZY's first bottle on National Day!

He leaked a lot of milk :( He got better the next day but was still leaky. He's also leaking here and there when latched on. Google says tongue and lip ties are possible culprits causing babies to be unable to cover the teat well. I've earlier checked that he can extend his tongue so I researched like mad for lip tie and came to an unsettling conclusion - our baby may have lip tie :(

Went to the PD yesterday who said that ZY is ok functionally so there is no need to do anything. I was concerned about teething but he said cutting it wouldn't help anyway. I saw a lactation consultant right after that and she recommended removing - it may solve the leaking problem. And she said that PDs are generally concerned about the child's overall well-being; enough that he's gaining weight well. (Yes, 4.79 kg now!) And if breastfeeding is not going well, PDs may just recommend formula. So she gave me a surgeon's contact. I'm looking for a laser solution but it isn't clear from my conversation with the nurse whether this surgeon uses laser. Will need to discuss with Sito when he returns tmr...

My 振扬 likes this 羊! :p

He's very good at tummy time - no fuss, unlike ZK who didn't like tummy time until he could flip.

ZY waking up from a nap.. Open eyes -- stretch! -- back asleep?! -- bee bee :)

Tried to take photos for his passport..

I don't want to look straight :p -- my right ear is flatter! -- fine, but I strain until my forehead is red! (And ICA accepted the third one.)

Told you I don't want photos taken -- no use propping me up -- please, Mama, please, no photos!

We participated in The Big Latch On on 2 August. SL alerted me to the event and we both went to the location at HV. But we were both unable to latch on with the other mummies at the appointed time cos it was "daddy's day" for SL's I and ZY was sleeping!! Nonetheless, ZY made it to the news! :)

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Together, they can be a terror at bedtime, or a pair of angels...

ZK fell asleep while ZY was playing. Later, I put ZY to nap on my chest instead of on the poop pad, sighs..

Brotherly love! :) (ZY's head dropped down just as I took the pic :p)

I want to lie down with didi - with my 狗狗...

Sayang didi..

Just now, ZK was so good and fell asleep very quickly. ZY, on the other hand, treated me like a pacifier and didn't go down under much later. I'm very sore now.. Thinking of introducing the pacifier already..

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