Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Bye bye, babyhood

It was done in a second but I think I will remember this moment forever:

I was carrying a sleeping ZY and standing at the door of the other bedroom, watching ZK toddle to the kitchen. He was wearing his black and blue Baby Gap PJs, back facing me. He stopped at the rubbish bin, stepped on the latch to open it and dropped his last pacifier inside.

He had the same two pacifiers for more than a year. I stopped replacing pacifiers regularly since he's no longer fragile infant.

The first - his preferred white one - broke a couple of weeks ago after I heard him biting on it vigorously one night. I didn't realise it until he rejected it the next evening. The following evening, I was ready - I examined the pacifier with him and pronounced it spoilt. He agreed and threw it away, and went for his less preferred blue one.

The blue one - still in the bin in the kitchen as I type - was found broken on Monday morning, which might explain why he took a long time to fall asleep on Sunday. He rejected the pacifier the last two nights initially but there being no other pacifier, he asked for it again. A chunk of the pacifier fell off this morning - I found it on the floor. Thankfully he didn't swallow it! But perhaps my worries were needless - just now, he put the pacifier in and took it out, and proceeded to spit saliva until a small silicon bit came out.

That was my cue.

mf: 真的坏了⋯⋯ ZK throw away?
ZK: 好!

My big baby is now asleep, without his pacifier :) It feels like the end of his babyhood though, which makes me a little sad :(

Come to think of it, there are so many bye-byes to babyhood. First, there's the end of breastfeeding. Now, pacifier. Next, the milk bottle - I have tried to give him his formula in a sippy cup and a normal cup when the sippy failed but he wouldn't have it although he's fine taking other beverages in a cup. But the time will come, and perhaps that's the final bye-bye to babyhood...

Parenthood - 好多的舍不得⋯⋯

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