Monday, 4 August 2014

Back to the other room

Was just saying that we started letting ZK sleep in our bed but now, he's back in his room.

It was Thursday night, I think, when ZK woke at 10-ish and was still awake at 2 am. He was singing and talking and kicking, disturbing the parents and ZY. I had to move ZY to the other room so that he could sleep but I had to return to bed to keep ZK in bed.

When ZK wouldn't listen to us to be quiet after a long time, Sito carried him to the sofa and locked our room. I went to the other room to stay with ZY and locked that too. Needless to say, ZK started wailing and pleading at our door.

I want 妈妈房间...

We heard him and felt so sorry for him :( But none of us was having any sleep so...

Eventually, ZK went for his last resort - kakak! Y carried ZK and tried both doors. I think she was wondering what to do! And by then, I thought ZK should have got the point so I opened the door, stepped out and asked two questions:

mf: 你要睡觉吗?
ZK: 要..
mf: 跟妈妈进来,要 quiet time, ok?
ZK: 好..

His tone was so totally defeated! So poor thing.. And indeed, he came in, listened to me and put his head on his pillow, mumbled a little and dropped off to slumberland.

There was no space for me so I sat at a corner for a while. But that got quite tiring so I shifted ZY a little and placed my arm between the boys. Sleep finally arrived!

The next night, we decided that he would have to go back to his room. Even if he slept with us, he was always kicking us and making sleep difficult. Of course he kicked up a great fuss when I left him in his room with Y! But he happened to be quite tired that day so he fell asleep in no time. We locked his door from the outside!

He woke around midnight and cried at his door, unable to get out. I think he was there for an hour. But he eventually went back to sleep - on his bed, not the floor! He cried for progressively shorter durations - as I was typing, I heard him whine for a few seconds; by the time I got to the camera, I saw him stepping back into his bed to sleep :)

In the morning, either Y or I will go to him after 6 am. The cute thing is, last time he would want to get up at that hour; now, he wants to come into our bed for a while. I don't mind so long as he remembers that it's always quiet time in our room.

Really must plan for ZY to bunk in with him next...

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