Sunday, 3 August 2014

Long time no hug

ZY was napping when ZK woke from his nap this afternoon. I wanted to hug him and he let me - it felt so good to hug my big baby!

ZK: Mama 抱抱!

I bear-hugged him and tried to rub noses with him but he reached for my nostrils when I said "nose" *.*

ZK: Like this...

He went into cradle position! I had the chance to see him really up close - he's really fair!

I tickled him at one point.

ZK: *giggles* Mama naughty!

Yes, Mama was naughty ^.^ and Mama was very happy to hug ZK for so long today!

In other news, ZK kissed both Sito and me for the first time today! But ZY got a kiss from him two weeks ago - ZY won :p

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