Tuesday, 23 September 2014

ZY's first holiday!

We went to Malacca last Friday-Sunday!

And he was sleeping on me as we boarded the bus downstairs.. This was the first time I wrapped him up this way - he didn't seem to like it very much..

Both kids fell asleep on the way to Malacca. ZY even pooped! Immigration was a breeze even though we had to go through a counter instead of the automated gates cos of the kids.

Arrived at PoPo's place and set off immediately for lunch at a curry fish head place before returning to wait for check-in time.

Check out ZK in the bamboo chair that he was last in last year - cheeky face!

We were leaving for the hotel when he climbed onto the driver's seat when no one was looking!!

I can drive!

Oh, I woke up with hives for unknown reasons! Took an antihistamine and was drifting in and out of sleep in the morning before we set off. It got better for a short while before new patches of red appeared again. Once we checked in, I took another and got Y to watch over ZY while I napped.

Dinner was at some duck place. Poor Sito missed out on the food cos he was in Manila!

I had a pretty good sleep that night cos ZK was sleeping with Mum and Dad! I only had to wake two times to nurse ZY and did not have to be on high alert for ZK who might wake his brother. And ZY was very cute and small in the middle of the king bed. He slept much better than at home too!

The next morning, ZK came over before breakfast as they had an errand to run. Y and I brought the kids down for breakfast. Ah Yee joined us there so with more hands, I managed to bring ZK to choose some food cos he refused cereals. Then I realised that he just wanted the cornflakes, no milk! *.* But he didn't eat much anyway...

Decided to go for a foot massage while ZK was with his grandparents - seriously 偷懒, this mama!! But that turned out to be very good for the hives - I woke with almost no red patches but was covered in big ugly patches by breakfast time. So big, said ZK.. After the foot massage, they were mostly gone! I don't know if it was the hot foot bath before the massage or the massage itself, but I was so glad the hives were gone! They were so itchy!

Went back to the hotel to find ZK fast asleep on AhYe!

He has been driving around!

Woah, I can drive!

Lunch was at Second Ah Yee's place. There was a tea ceremony and a buffet lunch - oh ya, the purpose of this trip was to attend her second daughter's wedding :)

ZK on the swing with YeePo, looking lost...

ZY with TaiMa and BiaoJiu - ZY charmed TaiMa so much with his ready smiles! ^_^

Sito finally joined us! The older pair of Sito siblings on the swing they knew as children:

That's us! :) We have so few photos together these days...

Wanted to get foot massage but didn't manage to - it was popular! So we went back to the hotel where ZY decided to chat with Papa - love his cute sounds :)

All dressed up for the wedding dinner! Just missing my dear ZK...

There he is! So handsome I must kiss him!

This is the only one where ZK was smiling - this boy doesn't pose very well for the camera yet *.*

Managed to nurse ZY with a nursing cover. I had wanted to get a nice nursing dress and even asked SL to recommend nice nursing gear. But I found that this favourite dress was breastfeeding-friendly! Just pulled down the strap and bra under the cover! Saved at least $60 yeah! :p

ZK was seated across the table from me. Gave him some chicken cereal as he didn't want table food. Sighs, my big baby ah, when will you be less picky over your food??

Had to resort to the iPad to keep him happy *.*

ZY almost fell asleep when a glass was knocked over, sighs.. Took some more time before he finally dozed off - the handkerchief was stuck under :p So glad we brought the car seat along so we didn't have to carry him throughout the dinner.

The next morning after breakfast, we brought ZK for some waterplay!

He remembered what he did at the Jacob Ballas garden :)

So happy!

Around this time, another toddler in a big float floated towards ZK. ZK stretched out his hand in a "no" sign and said "not for you!" Wonder where he got that from!

Hi! :)

Wrapped up like a cute mummy :)

At that point, husband and wife ditched the toddler for foot massage! :p We came back later than expected but managed to check out in time to go for lunch, where ZK was cranky as usual. Y had to sling ZY while I had ZK on my lap. At some point, I slapped his hand and he went "I don't want Mama anymore!" in between sobs *.*

Happier back at Popo's place - he kissed Taima! :)

Love this look - he really looks like a big boy! And the legs look so long..

Finally on the bus home! Made ZY whack jigajung and after a while, he had a go at it himself! :)

Came back to a hazy Singapore... Sito disciplined ZK just before dinner as he refused to apologise to YeYe after hitting him. He eventually did when we left him at home with Y and walked down the corridor. But he remained cranky through dinner.. So tired when we all got home - I slept like a log in between feeds!

The routines of both kids got quite out of whack this trip. Had to make ZK nap twice so that he could last dinner. ZY napped very well cos he was in the sling but his bedtime was very delayed. Tried to tune back ZY's schedule on Monday by staying in but he didn't nap much and in the evening, fell asleep much later than ZK! Luckily he seemed to have fell back into routine today.

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