Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Happening weekend for ZK! And a language explosion?

Last Friday was school excursion day! I spent the week prepping him - or rather, bribing him with it.

mf: 你要坐 bus 去 excursion 吗?
ZK: 要⋯⋯
mf: 那你晚上要好好睡觉才有精神去 excursion 玩好不好?
ZK: 好⋯⋯

All buckled up in the big big bus! Time to dig nose...!

Selfie - just the two of us :) And ZK was actually smiling for the camera!

He then took over and took a series of shots while I posed :p

It took us a long time to get to the Navy Museum, which meant some difficulty in keeping ZK in his seat. Luckily, there were a lot of excavators and trucks along the way to keep his mind occupied, especially when we were very near the museum at Tanah Merah. And I created some "magic" - I secretly hid raisins in my palm, one by one, for him to discover :p

It took us an hour or so to get to the museum, which turned out to be totally unsuitable for his age group. I already suspected it earlier but I was led astray by the instructions to bring socks along - I thought there was going to be a play area. Nah! And I think there was some miscomm - our guide was the only one not in uniform and he kept calling us the "parents group" when we were only parents accompanying the playgroup. Different PGs... So he went on about some chim stuff to a small audience of toddlers in parents' arms. My toddler? He had run off to somewhere long ago!!

The picture that makes ZK go "wooooah" every time we review the excursion pictures :)

I'm a desktop soldier!

ZK seems to know he's going to take up arms some day... The other day, he insisted on carrying our big umbrella up the stairs. When I told him to hold the middle so that he could bring it up more easily, he somehow ended up carrying it in both hands like a rifle!

Some of his classmates! He could name half of them when we reviewed the pictures :)

After a morning of running about, he dozed off on my lap in the bus after finishing my mini box of raisins...

Some crying ensued in the centre cos I was leaving. This time, lunch didn't entice him too much probably cos of the three wassants he had at tea.. Three!!! I napped with ZY that afternoon, so tired...

The next day, we went to the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden. It was quite a walk from the MRT station but we got there just in time to meet two mummy friends from the July 2012 forum group and YX!

ZK looked on while A posed nicely for the camera. ZK ah, when will you pose nicely and consistently? :)

We only managed to play at the water play area. It was right behind the entrance and upon seeing that, well, ZK wasn't going anywhere else!

When we first looked at this video together, ZK laughed at the part where he screamed and ran :) (Um, forgive the squealing mama in the background...)

He made the water go high up! (He also made a drinking fountain out of it! Luckily he already knows about 漱口...)

After that, we went for dinner at Bar Bar Black Sheep at Cluny Court, as our first choice Relish was full. We ordered a kid's portion of bolognese spaghetti for him and he ate it! All not but it was a good start that he ate the meat on his own :) He also took my crinkly fries. Best of all, he sat through most of dinner! Though he was super cranky after that and even rolled on the ground downstairs, yucks.. Boys! *roll eyes*

That was the first happening weekend for ZK since ZY arrived. We stayed at home or Sito took him to the playground for the longest time. Since last weekend, we tried to break up the monotony a bit, by reviewing his school work! He tore out the vehicles and wheels from his latest works *.* Then I dumped all but some of his/my favourites - running out of space to keep.

Random: poop face :p

Also brought out the rest of his mega blocs - he has had only four pieces for the longest time hoho! And he was such a good boy to help us put everything back into the bag at the end. He even dismantled the tower Papa built before keeping them - a bit OCD like us :p

He woke with super cute bed hair one morning - not too clear here unfortunately.. His hair became more tame in recent weeks, mostly staying down instead of standing up.

A very happy shower time! Censored, of course! And with nice hair that stayed down..

But we shaved his head last Sunday - too hot! And he refused the hairdryer!

That's us after a shower and a nap at Mum's place - my little botak boy!

Mum got him slippers! He was walking around carefully, very cute :) Need more practice before we hit the road!

I also bought him a pair of crocs which he wore - slowly :) - to school today as his sandals are falling apart. Thought I'd change to crocs to protect his toes - he came home with scrapped toes a couple of weeks ago, my clumsy boy..

In the past couple of weeks, he was able to sing more songs and more clearly. One day at dinner, he tilted his bowl and went "tip me over and pour me out!" Luckily I stopped him from totally turning the bowl over!

He has also sprout some interesting and funny things:

1) He was rolling around in bed in the middle of the night.. I was lying down, still.

ZK: Mama..
mf: *silence*
ZK: Mama, are you sleeping? Are you sleeping?

I was so surprised! I ignored him as I was (supposed to be) sleeping :p

2) One evening at bedtime.

mf: Are you sleeping?
ZK: Yes!


3) Last Sunday at Mum's place, we asked him to go find AhYe in the bedroom and on his way in..

ZK: YeYe, are you sleeping?

Yup, his new pet question :p

4) Last Saturday, we had difficult getting his pants down cos he was all sweaty.

ZK: I grow fat!

We had such a good laugh!

5) I changed ZY's poopy diaper and went into the room while ZK was playing in the living room. I came out again when ZY pooped again..

mf: 弟弟又 poo poo 了!
ZK: Again.. Again poo poo!

My bilingual child! :) Although he has been sprouting mainly English... I shall slowly make him reply to me in Mandarin!

6) This takes the cake - last night, I think he said "I love you" :)

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