Monday, 8 September 2014

Long weekend!

It was very long because Friday was Teachers' Day* aka childcare centre closure day!

* So crappy that they have moved Teachers' Day and Children's Day from the first of the month to the first Friday of the month for administrative convenience!

We went to West Coast Park in the morning :)

ZK went really high in this safe swing!

He didn't like sand very much so Y had to carry him - I had ZY on me while he's too heavy for Mum to carry for prolonged periods. We were on the slide a little, on the balancing beam a little, but eventually he got tired and it got hot, so we adjourned to Macs!


He had almost the entire McChicken! Less mayo and vegetables of course... Next I'll have him try the fillet burger. There's a little cup of Milo for him too - he likes :)

And having fries with lots of ketchup - Sito's son indeed *.*

There were two middle-age men at the table next to ours. This ZK suddenly got friendly with one of them..

Uncle! Uncle! abcxyz fry abcxyz biscuit!

The uncle was very sporting and replied him too! I was busy with ZY so I didn't catch much but the scene was pretty fun :)

He was nodding off on the way home and we had to keep him awake for a shower before we let him nap!

ZY napped too - took a video of him falling asleep :)

We cabbed to Mother's place after the afternoon nap. Again, ZK got friendly with the cabbie.

ZK: Uncle, 开叮当! (He wanted to open an unopenable tab on his toy.)
Uncle: Uncle 不会开啦...
mf: ZK 今天这么 friendly! So kaypoh!
ZK: Kaypoh..

Uh-oh... :p

He spent most on his time at Mother's place with three Russian doll-styled boxes on the coffee table, opening them in turn, placing them in correctly, replacing the covers etc. I loved seeing how focused he was at his task, with no other distraction :) Even when Mother later brought out a small bag of my old toys, he was still going back to the boxes.

He sat at the table for perhaps two mouthfuls of rice and off he ran!! Why oh why can't he sit down properly to eat when at home?! He used to sit properly and feed himself :(

But so cute :)

When we got home, he said goodbye to the cabbie - another friendly move. Is the friendly era here? Sito was a very friendly kid so... :)

ZK got packed off to the centre on Saturday morning so that we got some peace - we're so bad! *.* - and ZY finally got a nice little nap! He didn't nap well the previous afternoon at Mother's place.

Sito was very tired so I left him to sleep in instead of dragging him out for lunch. I packed some fried rice while Y fetched ZK home. He fed himself a few mouthfuls - think he was hungry - and ran off again!!

ZK didn't want to go to his room for his nap so we nua-ed a bit in ours.

Love this shot of my boys!

Another one! With my imagined thoughts:

Sito: ZK is so cute <3 p="">ZK: What shall I do next to irk Mama?
ZY: Papa, I'm cute too!

Sito worked while everyone else took a nap. ZK woke first - he didn't cry but came right in to find me, just as I had been teaching him at night for the part week! :) So we chatted a little and when ZY woke for milk, we had a little fun:

And then more fun downstairs!

mf: Are you ready?
ZK: Yesss!

We headed for dinner at Star Vista, our usual Saturday haunt. This time, we had Yomenya Goemon. It wasn't very kid-friendly; no plastic bowl! So Sito sat next to ZK to manage him as I had ZY in my arms, as usual.

ZK was very cute. After finishing his appetisers (biscuits!), he kept saying "I want 面!吃面!" while waiting for our orders to arrive. He also played a little game with me:

ZK: Where d'spoon? (hiding it under the table)
Mama: 汤匙在哪里?我不知道⋯⋯铠铠告诉我!
ZK: There! (show spoon!)


When the spaghetti came, I prepared his portion with meat and mushrooms as he watched on. Then he ate everything! I even saw him picking out the meat to eat! Has the era of meat arrived, finally??

The auntie at the table next to ours was impressed - she asked for his age, said he was so cute asking for 面 and praised him for feeding himself :) I was very proud :) I only wished he would feed himself with such gusto at home as well but I guess I shouldn't be too greedy after all :)

ZK also had some chocolate cake and ice cream, which came as part of the set. And what happened the next morning probably confirmed my suspicion from earlier chocolate delights - that ZK has "chocolate poop", i.e. poop that looks like chocolate! *.*

We spent most of Sunday at Mum's place. I took ZY home to settle down while Sito took ZK to carry his lantern as it is Mooncake Festival today! But ZK wasn't interested - oh well!

So there, that's one long weekend - super tiring but very fun and cute because of our little boys :)

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