Friday, 26 September 2014

ZY is three months old!

Just one day shy, actually :)

And today, he had his first baby spa! He really really enjoyed it! See, he was even drooling :p

We bumped into the pretty auntie who liked ZK very much, and now ZY too! Mum got ZY a package of 20 sessions and the auntie gave us an extra session. His massage today was also long and blissful. This boy really knows how to enjoy life! And he went in with enough food and enough sleep cos he has fallen into some sort of three-hourly routine so that I could estimate the best time for baby spa.

The workout and massage did wonders for his naps - he napped for almost three hours after that. He woke for milk while I pumped, and then I put him on the sofa while I washed up the pump parts. When I returned, he was asleep again!

Earlier this week, I was changing his diaper at night when Sito was home. He commented that ZY seemed to grow a lot faster than ZK. I thought so too. Perhaps what AhYee said was right - that kids who stretch a lot tend to grow very fast. Or perhaps time is just a very strange thing.

On 8 September, ZY picked up something for the very first time. It was all accidental of course, but it was a good start.

So I got him to whack his toy during our weekend trip. These days, I just put it on his hand randomly and he would move it around. Sometimes, he whacked himself; sometimes, he munched at parts of it.

The most fun part was being able to fist bump with him! Just have to hold my fist within range and his little fist will float over :)

Also stuffed his rattle into his hand to let him wave it around - I'm a baby!

His neck started out stronger than ZK's and he likes tummy time, especially on my tummy ^.^

Getting better but the drool!!!

Another sleeping feat - I put him there to play while I washed my face but he fell asleep!!

Selfie time when he woke!

Another selfie from some days ago - I adjusted the lighting for flawless skin :p

He's also big enough for the carrier though he didn't seem to like it very much...

So cute from my angle!

On 16 September, he hit a critical milestone. He wasn't sleeping well after 4 am so I nursed him to sleep and put him down on ZK's bed in a slanted position to avoid waking him. His legs were dangling off the bed so I put a blanket on the floor near his head in case he somehow kicked himself off the bed.

When ZK woke in my bed and made a din, ZY also woke. I went in when I heard him cry and to my horror, I found him on the floor but he did not land on the blanket!! He must have rotated on the bed and fell off the other side! He wasn't screaming, just normal crying so I just sayang-ed him a bit and put him back in his bed.

And true enough, he could rotate himself already. The next morning, I went in to find him at 90 degrees to his bed. The next time, it was 180 degrees! And the past few days, he has been lifting his legs high and trying to turn on his right side. It's a matter of time before he makes that first flip :)

Yes, he's growing up fast. Must treasure time with him, and especially moments at my breast like this - I love how he holds onto my bra or shirt when nursing!

A random shot - he has a clockwise swirl. Old wives' tales say that his younger sibling, if any, would be a boy! Hohoho!

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