Thursday, 11 September 2014

ZK is my Spider-Man!

Because he gave me a super wet upside down kiss right on my lips this morning!!

He woke at 5.30 am and I was trying to lie in more. Somehow we got to about 6.15 am, and he went "milk time" for the umpteenth time. Fine, let's go, but first, "kiss kiss Mama", I said. Then a little thing came from behind my head and piak! Yup, it was no muack but piak *.* But so cute :)

Anyway, he's asleep now. Don't know what time he'll be up - he didn't have dinner at all. Wrote a note to the teachers to stop them feeding him after 5.30 pm; Y said he was having a biscuit at the end of the day.

Think he likes snacks, like me :( Asked me for mooncakes this morning..

Having mooncake on Tuesday morning..

Which he made on Monday! :)

Source: School

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