Wednesday, 8 October 2014

ZK is almost 27 months

First of all, a little recap - remember 熊熊 aka XX and 虎虎 aka HH?

From New style, new look

Well, I took them out last week. ZY loves XX - more on that later. When ZY saw XX, he wanted it so I showed him HH and he preferred that - and I took the opportunity to rename HH correctly as 小豹豹!! 豹豹 alone is too confusing with him saying 抱抱 all the time..

On Monday, he placed 小豹豹 aka XBB on the dining table during his breakfast and suddenly said, "小豹豹,我爱你!“ with no prompting! I was so jealous I asked him to say that to me too :p

But yesterday, he received a little lion from his teacher for Children's Day and today when I asked him if he still wanted XBB, he said no :( So fickle that I didn't even manage to snap a shot of the reunion between him and XBB! *.*

Here's Lion, which he mistook for a dog at first..

So what has this little imp been up to? Trying to be a little baby again!

He had placed MM on his brother when he saw that he had dozed off on the sofa - awww... I took a quick shot when he wanted it back with him in the bassinet..

Took the bus to Clementi last Saturday as we haven't been on the bus for ages though ZK loves it! Last I recalled was our trip to KAP.

Looking like he was reading but he was only flipping...

Monday was a public holiday and we were out and about - had lunch at Jem and checked out the playground.

Cheeky ZK!

After a nap at Mum's place, we left for the Punggol Settlement. It was very far away... As we entered Punggol from TPE, an amazing sight greeted us - many many MANY cranes lined the horizon in front of us! I was too stunned to take a picture and then we were right in Punggol..

It was very hazy that day so we skipped the original plan to walk the park and headed straight for the Settlement.

There were tortoises - ZK said "no!" to them as they crawled up.

Reminded me of this :p

There was a horse stable but we couldn't see the horses very well from outside the gates.

Had dinner at Punggol Seafood (Old Hock Kee). Realised that we are back to the days of me carrying baby and Sito feeding me :p Except that this time, there's a toddler sitting across from us, thankfully (that's thanks from us) flanked by his grandparents.

Focused on transferring crackers..

This morning, I woke at about 3.30 am to nurse ZY. He had some gas problem so I only settled him down after 5 am. Then I decided to pump. While at it, ZK woke. I shooed him into our room as Sito went back to shower - early flight today - while I finished up pumping. But before long, I heard Sito as he stepped out of the shower - no, ZK, no! And this is why *.*

Whacked his hand when I got to him. Hope he gets it like he gets that he isn't supposed to climb onto the TV bench and disturb the PS3 camera.

Love this big boy look:

And this big boy, after all these months of fiddling with his buttons, he succeeded in buttoning one of his shirt buttons on Saturday morning! So proud of him. Still working on his "good" hand gesture though - he can only point his index finger now :)

My son, you need to work on your motor skills before you can help me with cooking! I tried to have him sift flour on Monday but it was impossible! Thought of having him roll the dough but it turned out quite dry and difficult to manage. Shall try cooking with him again - he seems to like it and has been "making" a variety of food for us using empty vitamin bottles, e.g. mooncake and blu-blueberries.

In terms of his speech, well, he's saying a lot now though sometimes I couldn't understand.

"Why like this?" And when he tried to press the home button when my phone was in guided access mode, "why cannot?" :p

With that, he knows three W's. The fourth is harder though I'm trying to teach him time - and patience! - by matching the real thing with a toy clock, the minute hand of which was broken upon first introduction *.* And I heard him say 因为 once - forgot context. Then I asked him why ZY could drink my milk milk..

mf: 因为弟弟没有?
ZK: 牙牙牙齿!

This morning when he woke, "Bobo... Bobo.. Where is bobo?" in super cute tone. Whatever bobo is!

Monday evening, he looked like he was thinking about something and then he suddenly went, "oooorh!" Nope, I never figured out what he figured out..

He says "not for you" sometimes. The other day, he told ZY, "not for ZY", and just now he was telling me that something was "not for Hannah", his classmate :)

He can sing a lot now. We stopped watching Thomas for a long time but now when we watch it, he can sing a word or two here and there - he remembers!

There is, however, one thing that doesn't seem to be improving - his tantrums. The slightest thing sets him off, e.g. if he doesn't get the bottle cover whenever he wants milk. Sometimes, we don't even know what sets him off! And he'll be on the floor howling.

Just this evening, I took out two butter cookies - one for you and one for me, right? No! I let him choose first and he took one. I started to bite into the other, and when he saw that, he stuffed his into his mouth and cried for mine! When he saw that it was half eaten, he started crying - with one whole cookie in his mouth. Um, not a pretty sight..

I whined to him, saying that he took my butter cookie and now I had none. He smiled! *.* When I asked him where my butter cookie was, he pointed to his mouth and said "inside"! Greedy boy, it was mine!! MINE!

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