Tuesday, 28 October 2014

ZY is four months old!

Ok I'm a day late in posting this :p

I was looking at some photos from a few months back and goodness, my dear little boy has grown so much!

He can now grab his pacifier and remove it - then cries cos he cannot put it back no matter how he pokes his face *.*

So sometimes he has this I'm-going-to-cry face, or tears are already rolling in his eyes :(

I was trying to capture him napping on me but at that moment, he stirred and was unhappy *.*

But he has happy times too cos he's a happy baby!

Yes, he's our happy baby!

He's in onesies most of the time. Otherwise, he'll pull his shirt way up, yes, showing more belly than this one.

So we gave him a full haircut last Tuesday - what are you doing to my nice hair?!

See my botak baby :)

He loves being bounced on my belly. I love looking at him from lying down :)

And when burping..

I thought he looks like he was carrying a backpack or parachuting in this shot:

My little tiger-horse baby who decides to watch us eat:

He really enjoys being pampered! The lady behind is Lucy who is very nice to ZY and ZK before him.

What's with that look, baby?!

So I showed ZK a photo of himself in the above clothes and he told me that was didi ^_^

Scaredy cat? Or beginning to understand he has, gasp, hands?!

And legs!

We have been having sleep issues lately. Must have jinxed it anyway with a previous post :( At first it was gas - he would struggle and suddenly poooooo! Then he was calm. Lately, he has been sweeping his head and even babbling like mad in the middle of the night. I just realised this time, it could be due to him wanting to explore with his hands and to talk. Even in the day, today, he didn't manage to go to sleep peacefully on his own with just a pacifier; I had to intervene by letting him grip a finger or gently holding down his hands.. I hope it gets better soon...

We think and hope he likes reading...

So as you can see, he can hold his head upright now :) If I tilt him forward, he may still have problem supporting his head, but he's getting there. Next up, flipping over!

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