Sunday, 2 November 2014

Kiddy routine

Failed to put ZY in bed as ZK had impeccable timing for when he decided to say something - when his brother was on the verge of dozing off. So I sent him to Sito while I finally coaxed ZY into lala land.

When I came out of the kiddy room, I found ZK and Sito in our bed, lights off. Um, didn't look good. ZK refused to budge and signalled for me to lie down. Oh well! So we told ZK that we got to do some chores outside and left the room. And he fell asleep!

It shows me one thing - ZK doesn't need to sleep with us; he wants to sleep in our bed!! *.*

Sundays can be a little challenging, putting both kids to bed together. Saturdays are the easiest cos I outsource ZK to Y while I bathe ZY etc :p Usually, I can quite easily put ZY in bed when ZK has fallen asleep.

Weekdays will be tricky. In the past 18 weeks with ZY, I showered before/after I bathed ZY, put him in bed before ZK got home, put ZK in bed. That usually worked though sometimes ZY didn't fall asleep early enough or ZK woke ZY up. But most of the time, ZK could observe "quiet time" while ZY was sleeping, which meant some real whispering and some ZK-whispering aka normal speaking in cute tone :p

From tmr, ZY will go to IFC, which means that I may have to send both kids to bed at the same time! Ok, for a start, I can still nurse ZY while ZK has dinner, and pray that ZY falls asleep before ZK gets in. But once ZY starts having dinner, it will be a mighty challenge! Let's see how when we get there...

For now, ZK's routine is pretty fixed - one mid-day nap, sleep between 8 pm and 6 am, three square meals a day with morning and afternoon snacks. This probably wouldn't change even when he enters N1 next year. Yes, he's going to be in N1! So fast...

And ZY is consistently napping four times a day - first and last at 30 min and the other two anything from 30 min to three hours! I think he may drop a nap when he settles into IFC but we shall see. He nurses at about three-hour intervals in the day, right after waking up from sleep/nap or a while after that. He doesn't really nurse to sleep, as in, I can burp him like crazy and he stays asleep but the moment I put him down in bed, he wakes *.*

Ok, I'm abruptly ending this cos ice cream is on its way :p

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