Tuesday, 4 November 2014

My troublesome boy

Well, now that ZY is also in school, I have no time alone with him anymore. He'll have fewer photos of him and him alone than ZK =/ Can't be helped - second child!

So with that, I have consolidated my photo albums on my laptop. No more separate albums for ZK and ZY but a combined kids album. I'll also have fewer photo posts - or none! - on one child on his own. I'm getting too busy to sort them out to be very honest! I have even stopped obsessively re-aligning photos to the left since the makan post, just using the default centre alignment now.

But I have sorted out October photos so... Here they are for ZK!

On the potty at Mum's place - he simply could not poop in the potty!

Potty training has led to ZK deciding to wear ONLY his underwear.. On his bed - I was so scared!

He also wanted to cut his own fingernails. His already quite ugly nails took a turn for the worse *.* After that, I handed him YouTube and held the cutter myself!

Yes, something like this, with me sitting behind me and looking for his nails...

PS: That was a cute top from GuGu! Love it when ZK pulls the ears of the monkey :p

"Elephant..." Um, yes, indeed. Let's review hiss drawing in a few months' time. But his pen grip is not bad!

That was Deepavali, I think. Thought we would go to the supermarket as he had not been there for a while. He still remembered the little playground on the way and wanted to ride the 马! Yup, every ride-able thing is a horse...

He wouldn't let go of the peanut butter even at the cashier! Auntie had to ask him for it... Then he took the bag, so uncle at such a young age haha!

He also took photos with my phone...

He finally understood the camera - now he will say 拍照 and 照片 :) He would even smile for the camera! :)

Like this:

Not like this - he was full and tired at lunch. Check out his round belly! Love it :p

Yes, he can eat a lot of his favourite noodles... And biscuits and chocolate from Halloween! But he doesn't like to brush his teeth. Rather, he wants to play at the basin. We brought him with us to the dentist last Saturday to watch Sito and me getting our teeth cleaned, and to have the dentist tell him to brush his teeth. I try to remind him of that when he refuses to brush properly. Luckily there was a little keepsake - a lion finger puppet, 小Lion - from the dentist to act as a concrete reminder of his first meeting with a dentist.

He loves the troublesome trucks from Thomas and acknowledges himself as a troublesome boy, hoho!

He has really grown so much this year, especially in terms of speech. We stopped watching Thomas for a while cos I wanted to limit his screen time. But I had to put it back on when I removed his high chair to keep him in his seat *.* The upside was that I realised that he could now sing along! He likes to ask me to sing "Troublesome Trucks". One day, I told him to sing it himself and he told me, "铠铠不会唱" - I was quite surprised as I had not heard him use 会 before.

And it's quite hilarious when I sang the song slowly - it wasn't good enough for him. "Faster! Faster!" Hoho!! And then there is the "Ready, go! The wheels on the bus...." in super fast mode! Next, "Wiper time! The wipers on the bus..." If Sito or I were to doze off while with him, he'll look at us reproachingly, "No sleeping!" It really is quite fun listening to him and chatting with him now :)

This is my baby singing a part of his fave song:

Besides speech, his motor skills are also improving. Just two weeks ago, his gesture for "good" was to point with his index finger. Then he learnt to keep that in and signalled with his thumb instead, but in a closed fist. One day, he came home with a beautiful thumb-up! And then we taught him that he is now two years old, which began as four :p By the past Sunday, he could do a "two" with his left hand but still needed help with his right. Now he's learning to stick out his pinky for a pinky promise :)

In another note, the school has a new check-in/out system by taking photos of the kids using an iPad. So every day, I get two emails telling me that ZK has arrived/left the school! This morning's picture showed him digging his nose *.* ZY had his photo taken as well but perhaps they haven't set up the emails yet. Well, that's partly why fees go up next year right?? *.*

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