Thursday, 6 November 2014

The best things stay in our memory

I have taken hundreds of pictures and videos of my kids but they are still unable to eternalise all of their cutest sides in pixels. Many times, I'm too busy enjoying the moment to whip out the camera so all their cuteness can only be etched in my mind. How I wish I could capture all their cute expressions - laughing or even crying - and the funny things they say/babble!

Just this morning at the changing table, I had this exchange with the toddler:

mf: 你的名字是什么?
ZK: *silent*
mf: 司徒震铠
ZK: 司徒震铠!*smile*
mf: 弟弟呢?
ZK: 司徒振扬!*a little hesitant*
mf: yes! 妈妈呢?
ZK: 司徒妈妈!*more sure now*
mf: *lol* 爸爸呢?
ZK: 司徒爸爸!*absolutely confident*

Gotta give it to him - he was not wrong!

Also, this morning, one of his classmates Ben was behind us. ZK saw him and suddenly emitted a very excited "faster faster faster!" I didn't know whether he wanted to be faster than Ben, or he wanted Ben to catch up.

And every morning this week, I walked in front of him on the way to school. To engage him, I'd go "司徒震铠 where aaaare you?" Despite telling him to raise a hand and say "here!", he continued to stick his head out of the stroller with this super cute smile when I turned back to look at him.

His brother? ZY was quiet when he woke this morning, just lying in bed eating a hand. When he saw me, he gave me his blur look before breaking into the sweetest grin as recognition kicked in. Some time last night, he woke to just babble and smile before going back to sleep. I'm sure that as he grows, he'll have enough some cute stunts like ZK now :)

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