Monday, 3 November 2014

ZY goes to school!

It's ZY's first day at infant care today.

Where are we going, Mama?

I tell you, I want to carry him up again!!

My two little boys in their respective strollers - oh, and Lion went to class with ZK as well!

ZY was sitting a little too upright as the seat was blocked by his huge pack of diapers behind, oops...

So we reached the centre at 745 am. ZK got clingy quite immediately so I let him follow us upstairs where I passed ZY to the carer and told her about his routine. ZY was smiling at me while I talked :) Gave my second child a kiss and left with the first in my arms.

He couldn't leave my arms *.* And he started crying. I sat him down to sweet talk him. The class was also just moving to their classroom at the next house. So I squeezed a verbal acknowledgement out of him, that he would stay in school while I went to work. He let me put him down in his classroom but shortly after that, he started crying, less intensely, phew! And the teacher managed to ushered him in.

And I was left time!

Packed off maternity and outgrown baby clothes into vacuum bags. Repaired a bit more of our bed - more on that later, perhaps.. Hand expressed some milk - I'm growing to like using my hands instead of the pump, except that it took more time as I could only do one side at a time. And then it was off to a deep tissue massage downstairs! And that turned out to be the best massage in my life man! Relaxing and not oily at all. Unfortunately, I probably won't have the time to go back for a while...

Came back to pump cos I didn't manage to express much from the left earlier. Eventually had a late and quick lunch in town before my facial. That was probably my last facial in a long time too... And then I shopped a bit and of course I ended up at Daiso *.* By the time I got back home, I accumulated enough milk to pump out 260 ml - woot! Never had so much before!

Bummed around a little and it was time to get my babies home!

ZK started crying again when I went upstairs *.* Y pacified him. No complaints from the carers, just that he had difficulty sleeping in bed so he was on the bouncer a lot. Well, it's a new environment. Will see how he fares in the coming days. ZY started crying as we talked but was pacified shortly after I picked him up. My baby :)

Mum came by as well. When I start work, she'll be helping to pick up the kids - thanks! - cos it'd be 7 pm by the time I get to the centre from office. With her help, we can all meet at home at 7 pm.

So when we got home, I changed into home clothes and changed ZY while ZK had his dinner. Managed to nurse ZY to sleep, yeah! And had dinner next to ZK who was having his post-dinner raisins by then. And the nightmare started after his shower.

He wasn't very quiet during quiet time. So ZY woke. And could not be pacified by his pacifier :( So it's time for sleep training! Second time I'm doing it - first was on Tuesday, which was kind of successful though I fell asleep and didn't monitor him much! ZY slept after five minutes of crying.

ZK looked sleepy so I tried my luck. He said ok to me going off to shower and even waved bye bye. But he started wailing after I left the room! Guess what? ZY woke again :( So I let the poor boy cry again - closer to 10 minutes this time. I left the room when ZK slept.

So today, the first day of rehearsal for resuming work, was quite good, considering that ZY was alright in school, and ZK didn't fuss much - bedtime is standard, crying at the centre when I'm around is also standard *.* Just now while he was having his mil, I prepped him for tmr, that I'll send them both to school and LEAVE, and that there is no need for him to cry as I'll see him at the end of the day. Let's see how tmr.. And of course, hopefully bedtime will be better tmr too...

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