Friday, 14 November 2014

First week at work

I survived! Kind of...

So we started ZY at IFC last week. IFC must have been quite tiring for him? He started sleeping all the way from 7.30 pm to anywhere between 2 am and 4 am when he woke to nurse before sleeping for another couple of hours. But many nights, he stirred every five or 10 minutes between 11 pm and midnight too..

But since last Friday, his nap in IFC got longer. This week, he has been taking 3/4-hour naps every day! Today, he came home with two bottles of milk - he didn't drink much cos he was napping! I've thrown away about 200 ml of milk already cos ZK didn't want. So today, I asked Mum to bottle-feed ZY with the leftover milk instead of nursing him, which means I have to pump pretty soon...

Always the happy baby

As for ZK, he has been whining every morning! He started out crying when I left the centre. I had to prep-talk him that I would be sending ZY upstairs and then saying bye bye to him downstairs.. 妈妈要去做工... Now he's better but he would still whine a bit.

Our schedule is kind of fixed now. We leave the house by 7.30 am; I settle them in school by 7.45 am; I get to work by 8.30 am. In the evening, sometimes I get to shower before they come back. I clean and change ZY before nursing him and settling him to sleep. Next is dinner with ZK or while he's in the shower. Then I'll shower while ZK is watching his truck songs and spend some time with him in our room before sending him to bed. He usually wakes before midnight, sometimes way before midnight, and climbs into our bed.

But yesterday, I made a little change. I played with him and tickled him on our bed, then told him that I had to work - could he sleep on his own while I worked? I would go find him later... He pouted and looked a bit sad :( But eventually he said ok. We slowly made our way to his room and I gently said goodnight and left. And he fell asleep!

This evening, just before he fell asleep

When ZK woke at 2 am, I went in to nurse him. ZK happened to wake and when he saw me, he said, "妈妈来了, no more 做工..." I felt a little sad on hearing that... But I was glad he saw me. Just now, he said 妈妈做工 and I said yes and sent him to sleep on his own again. He asked for Y but I told him she hadn't had her dinner. Eventually, he went to sleep on his own. My big boy :) I'd better go in later - he remembers!

But yes, I really have a lot of work to do this first week! I spend an hour for two pumping sessions in the office so I have been packing work home every night. Wednesday, I was struggling to stay awake at the laptop. Last night, I dozed off sitting in front of a paper. I startled awake before 10 pm and decided that I was done! I didn't even hear Sito coming back but he was sound asleep when I woke at 2 am. So glad that the kids were kind to me too.

So yup, I guess, this is our new routine that's here to stay!

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