Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Getting ready for work!

I'm starting work next week!

The weighing scales told me I'm 4 kg above pre-ZK weight. Nvm the weight, I thought, cos I still saw a non-cylindrical shape in the mirror. Admittedly, the belly feels a tad too soft but I don't look too different, right?

Wrong! I must have grown wide overall cos I don't fit in those pencil skirts anymore :( I don't even want to try my work pants :( 

But hey, this body has popped out two kids. Surely I'm entitled to some flabbiness?

Anyway, I was thinking of refreshing part of my wardrobe and my boring look. I decided on dresses - perfect for busy mama cos no need to match top and bottoms! I bought three dresses in the past two days. One was a S from Forever 21 (I know, so ah lian..) and the other two were a 10 from Mango. I tried Lowry's Farm but I couldn't fit their L - bleah, not buying! Going to uniqlo at some point... 

Also got a new eyeliner and mascara - I figure it's easier to just draw a line and brush the lashes than to blend eye shadows... May get some blusher today as I'm running low. Now that I'm busy, I feel an even greater need to prettify myself. After all, my identity is more than a mum; I'm also the good old mf penning all this nonsense :)

Feeling fab on a Wednesday morning :)

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