Tuesday, 4 November 2014

My poor baby ZY

My poor ZY is battling his second fever now :(

He became feverish after his last feed at IFC - 37.7 deg :( But he was still smiling during his diaper change, which was good. As he measure 38.2 deg, I gave him some paracetamol and sent him to bed. An hour later, it dropped to 37.0 deg.

His first fever was only last Thursday, the day after his vaccination.

But he was still smiley and playful, though he preferred to be carried and to nurse.

And he remained strong!

He was fine the very next day. And father and son had some fun before Sito left for work :)

Close up - because he's so cute!

Sito just came home and I poured out my guilt about sleep training - both times ZY had a fever, it was after I let him cry it out :( Perhaps it was not the vaccination but the crying that caused the fever? But Sito said he probably caught something from school - he's cuter and more vulnerable than ZK who fell ill after two weeks..!

Anyway, hope ZY is good to go to school tmr. I have to make a trip to the office tmr!

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