Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Check out that belly!

Ok, so this is more than two years late but better than never!!

Back in Evanston, budding photographer C has been so nice to take maternity photos for me. She gave me a CD filled with HUNDREDS of shots! Here's a sampling - all photo credits to C:

Outdoor 3 May 2012

Went around Evanston with C and T one sunny day :)

At the lakefront


ZK, were you kicking me then?

Wa, my hair!

Playful mama!

I don't like grass but C had a cloth for me to lie on, phew!

I don't mind leaves though :p

Mama needs to rest...

Love the light here

木漏れ日 (komorebi) or sunlight through the leaves!

ZK, say hi!

We like this gate

And that's a Kellogg brolly - good one, C!

Indoor 9 May 2012

It was the Wednesday before I left Evanston. C and L came over mid afternoon and we took more than an hour to set up the sheets and lighting, taking lots of test shots along the way.

Then we started with Sito in jeans and me in a tank top and jeans - yes, my pre-pregnancy jeans, unbuttoned.

We like to be goofy


Lovely shoes for ZK - but his feet were too big by the time I took it out *.*


Love this candid shot of us :)

A cliche heart shot but I like it anyway!

This is a preparation pose...

For this - topless!

There's a first for many things. I've toyed with this idea for some time. Well, I finally did it! I posed nude for maternity photos a la Demi Moore! Still kind of covered modestly during the photoshoot la...

There are many but I post only one - I shy...? Nah! :p

But when I finally put something on, I never felt more comfortable haha!

Took a few more shots before we called it a day. It was almost 7 pm and we were all so tired!

But thanks to photographer C who contorted herself on my floor to catch various angles and to super assistants L and T who helped with poses and styling besides the lighting, I have all these wonderful photos as a record of my big fat belly with the rest of me still quite tight, haha! Obviously I'm not so tight now after two kids *.*

I had wanted to take maternity photos for ZY, with ZK kissing my ZY-belly :) But we had no time so... Oh well, my belly didn't look different for both pregnancies! ZY, sorry but you'll have to make do with this set!

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