Monday, 24 November 2014

Sito's 34th birthday celebrations

My Laogong has turned 34! And we celebrated with food as usual :)

Part 1 was two days before his birthday, at Jumbo where we had crabs! Actually, just one crab :p And we had a complimentary cake as Sito has a Jumbo card.

Wait, whose birthday was it again?

And the non-birthday boy had a great time devouring the cake too. We could tell that he was already full after a big serving of noodles and half the cake, but he liked the cake too much so he finished it *.*

I love chocolate cake - like Mama!

Part 2 was just the two of us, on his actual birthday :) I settled ZY and we told ZK that we were heading out and that he was to go to bed soon. He said ok and we left!

Happy birthday to my dear Sito :)

It was Prive Grill at Keppel Bay. The steak was smaller than we used to but the serving size was really just nice. And the steak was really, really good - yummm... Sito was presented with a polaroid of us in a birthday card. We have a number of these from different steak houses already :)

After dinner, we took a little walk outside the restaurant and headed back home to find ZY in our bed with Y patting him. She took him there to avoid waking ZK as he was crying. Poor baby... But he was quite happy to see us :) And Sito was happy to meet both his kids on his birthday :) (cos normally he doesn't!)

It was a much happier and relaxed birthday celebration compared to his 33rd, when we weren't sure if ZY, then a tiny bean in my belly, would be viable. We should feel very grateful :)

So that was quite an adventure. First of all, we went out for dinner without the kids. And, I drove us - at night, which was my first night drive, really... We think we could do more of this :)

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