Sunday, 22 May 2016

Happy Vesak Day (with Pororo!)

It was a very busy and super tiring Vesak Day yesterday. First, I went to our Vesak Day gathering for Gramps with ZK. He kept asking to go to the playground and dutifully addressed all the relatives. He didn't know MZ but called out Jiujiu on his own when he stepped in. Playground happened after the joss sticks - ZK held one briefly too and blew at the tip...

The second cousins - fourth generation at the playground downstairs

ZK was fascinated with the burning!

He didn't like the noodles at lunch much - Mother made it pretty tasteless today *.* I couldn't give him the curry but lucky for us, there was chicken rice! And he had lots of grapes... This boy woke at 4.30 am that morning and resisted only slightly before he fell asleep. Got YQ to carry him off my lap to Ah Yee's bed. While ZK napped for the next hour plus, I caught up with the relatives. ML had "upgraded" from tying my hair 30 years ago to colouring HH's hair!

We left when ZK woke. I promised him ice cream so we stopped by the Macs downstairs for a sundae and a check-in with home.

Hello, ZY!

I was thinking about it over and over and finally decided to continue the day outside. So off to find Pororo we went!

ZK at the mime musical which took place right after we got there - didn't think he liked it much *.*

The ball pit was fun though I found it scary with all the kids jumping

ZK with Pororo! Such a sweet smile :)

And in Pororo's bed, pretending to sleep pretty well!

What's his name? Tong Tong!

His fave wasn't the play structure or ball pit but this toy area where he had the aeroplane in hand all the time.. But no complaints coz this was where I got all my eye power time from..

ZK's second train ride - upgraded from back row to front row

When it was time to go, of course I bought him the aeroplane... What came over me...?

ZK tried to open it by himself while waiting for the rest at the restaurant lobby

Oh ya, coz he said one for him and one for ZY!

It was Mum's birthday celebration, and eating was a blast. ZK managed to try quite a bit of different foods while ZY just slurped up everything and asked for more. Luckily I was still rather full from lunch so I could give ZY more.

Happy birthday, Ah Ma!

Both kids fell asleep on the way home. We wiped down ZY and sent him to bed since he wasn't too gross anyway. But ZK went to the playground etc so we woke him up or he managed to wake when we got home, and we gave him a shower. But he was tired enough to fall asleep quite quickly too. Me too *.* And I couldn't bring myself to get up this morning. So tired!

I shall not go out a whole day like this anymore!

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