Wednesday, 18 May 2016

My poor monkey baby

ZK was the luckiest foetus. His brothers? Not as lucky. In fact, it got worse each time.

1) Caffeine

With ZK, I steeped my Lipton for 45 seconds, poured it off and drank the next brew. I also bought decaf tea and I think I didn't have coffee at all. Had some bubble tea here and there though.

With ZY, I had coffee alright, not all decaf. And bubble tea? Definitely!

With monkey, I had coffee almost every morning during morning sickness, and threw in tea or bubble tea sometimes on the same day. Now that I'm better, I still drink some coffee and for sure, tea and bubble tea.

2) 胎教 and learning

I remember talking to ZK during long walks in Evanston. I played classical music on the phone for him just about every night. I read pregnancy books in English and Chinese, and various pregnancy websites and apps. I checked those apps every day.

I think I talked to ZY sometimes. I think he got some classical music too. I didn't read any books. I looked at websites sometimes, and I had an app that I looked at frequently. After birthing him, I told myself I should have read the Chinese book with details on how to push.

I remember monkey once in a while and say hi. I just started - at 16 weeks - to play classical music on my phone to him. Twice. Just started it for the third time as I type this. I open the app when I remember. I must remember to read that Chinese book.

3) Pregnancy and kiddy records

I recorded everything about my pregnancy with ZK - experiences, pictures of my belly and my pregnant self, recordings of belly movements. I recorded less with ZY - some experiences, perhaps a few incidental pictures. I recorded monkey just once so far. Twice if you count this.

Same could be said of kiddy records when ZK and ZY came out. Please let me have time to at least record key milestones for monkey...

But since this is my last, perhaps a maternity+family photoshoot will be nice...

4) Stuff

ZK had everything new. ZY had some new. Monkey.... Well, I'll buy new bottles etc for hygiene purpose. I'll buy a new onesie for hospital discharge. For just about everything else, he'll use his brothers' stuff.

ZK had unlimited access to baby spa. ZY had 20 sessions. I'm not thinking about it for monkey.

My poor monkey baby... Here's for coming in last. But no worries, my dear monkey baby - I'll love you like I love your brothers :)

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