Tuesday, 31 May 2016


Wrote this on my phone on Saturday, 28 May 2016, 11.58 pm.

*** *** ***

Last night, Sito and I were out for dinner so we didn't put ZK in bed. Around midnight, he woke and came into our room with his barang barang, squinting his eyes against the light and asking, "You're back? Can you 陪我一下?"

Just now, ZY walked out to find kakak. When she woke to follow him back to his room, he turned and trotted back, confident that kakak was following him. I saw his 背影 coz I followed him out to the kitchen - no bolster today so his arms were just by his side next to his baggy PJs, courtesy of his brother.

I recalled ZK's look last night, eyes barely open. I recalled last night shortly after sending ZK in, when ZY woke and came to find me, with ZK right behind him, and how I lay next to ZY with a leg on ZK's bed for ZK to grab onto.

These are just some of those moments.

I take photos of ZK and ZY often in an attempt to capture their childhood for eternity. But there are moments like these that are so good I want to see with my eyes, not through a camera. Or the camera is just too slow.

These are moments to live in, to savour, to pass on to the children, to recollect in our old age.

Love you, my babies.

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