Tuesday, 17 May 2016

My poor baby ZY

Last Thursday on the way home, I received a call from a teacher that ZY was running and fell on his teeth on a chair. A front tooth was bloody but not loose. I didn't think much about it then until I saw ZY - his right upper front tooth had sunken into his gums!

My boss came to the rescue once more - her husband is a dentist and her daughter suffered the same at two years old. She told me no need to see dentist, just monitor, the tooth might erupt again after a while. Just monitor for any future problems to do with the permanent tooth. She even showed me a picture of her daughter's smile today - big front teeth showing!

But so poor thing, my baby. 破相 plus don't know how it might affect his permanent tooth. We decided to see a dentist. Happened to be bringing ZK to the dermatologist the next day so it became a family outing.

After ZK's treatment, we went to Star Vista. We had called to cancel ZK's dental appointment since one treatment was enough for a day; he could do his first polishing another day. We didn't have to wait at all, and ZY walked in cutely. He even sat in the chair cutely!!

Happy with his baby bite - pacifier coz we had to take him away from a kiddy ride

The dentist was a very young lady, attended to by two assistants in a small room. First, we let ZY have some water to wash down the baby bite. I was surprised he let me have the remaining baby bite during the check! Anyway, next, the dentist took this small probe to his mouth - it turned out to be a tiny camera!

ZY was very cooperative and let her take photos of his front teeth area. He spent his time looking at her and the screen in front of him showing his cavity. This boy takes such instructions quite well - he let me look at his teeth many times since the previous evening too. Can't say the same for his brother though *.*

So the verdict was that that was nothing to be done since the tooth was still secure. We could only monitor for infection and any future problems with the permanent tooth, ranging from scratched tip to bent root! :(

The ladies were very nice to him and sent us out slowly. As we left the room, I realised there was a TV screen on the ceiling showing a cartoon! How kid-friendly! Best, we were not charged for consultation. Should bring ZK back soon for his first visit.

Can't help noticing that his smile looks a bit different with one front tooth shorter. On closer inspection over the weekend, it seems that the incisor on the right of the shorter front tooth is also knocked in. So poor thing....

This evening, ZY was rolling around happily on our bed when I spotted fresh blood on the pillow. Turned out to be from his tooth/teeth. But he wasn't disturbed and continued to play so I could only assume no pain, which was good. Maybe it's time for eruption? Just have to watch and see how...

My poor ZY, still cute ok!

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