Monday, 16 May 2016

My poor baby ZK

A few months ago, Sito discovered two pimples on the underside of ZK's scrotum. I googled and found pretty harmless stuff so we let it be. But they grew bigger and spread to his penis so I brought him to the GP right after Penang.

It was an unfortunate site for a case of water warts or molluscum contagiosum. As the name suggests, it is contagious, sighs.. We tried Aldara cream for two weeks with no improvement. The GP then tried to freeze the bumps off but ZK was struggling too much from the pain. He likes the doc though, referring to her by name and of course remembering her lollipops. Doc also commended ZK on his speech. Happy mama and pup though problem wasn't resolved...

Wanted to take him to see a paediatric dermatologist at NUH but the identified doc was away on maternity leave and the one recommended by registration was available only in June! So off to Novena Medical Centre we went last Friday, on the recommendation of my boss whose daughter had water warts on her hand.

The clinic was very welcoming and we waited for too short a time coz the kids were enjoying themselves!

To and from the Lego wall

The doc went through our case and recommended cantharidin treatment on the spot. The solution is painless on application but will cause a blister within hours. The blister will dry off and take the bumps away. ZK found it tickling and was very cooperative during the process. And because he could be listening, for the first time, I think, I had to spell out a word - will it cause P A I N when I remove the plaster?

And gosh, it was painful! He was feeling somewhat uncomfortable with the plaster at first but he soon forgot about it as we took ZY to the dentist (more on that later) and had lunch. He even painted at home before napping. But he woke an hour plus later in clear discomfort. As I brought him to our room which was brighter, he started feeling pain and could not lie down.

It took some time before we managed to remove the plaster amid flailing hands. The blisters had formed and a few had in fact drained. There was even one that was bloody! We took some more time washing him as the water caused a stinging pain. It was difficult to use the antiseptic shower liquid on him coz he was strategically covering himself. Next was applying the antibiotic cream, which was much easier once the area had dried. He mostly found it ticklish and reminded me not to pull his penis too high.

We decided to let him air it to help the blisters dry out more. So we got him a sarong! It was one of my scarves. For the rest of the day, I kept seeing his genitals coz it kept coming loose and coz of how he sat - legs open wide *.* Some pus oozed out along the way so I prepared some plasters to stick on his underwear to prevent it from sticking to him; he couldn't wear a sarong to bed!

The evening shower was another torture. As were all showers so far. He kept asking me if I was sure about the shower coz it was painful. He went from ouchie ouchie ouchie to just crying out mama in the most heartbreaking voice :( Sometimes, we had to force him into the shower, with Sito holding him up in the air :( He always came out of the shower limping :( These two days, especially, I hugged his thin, naked body after showering as he whimpered in pain :( But we thought he might have been conditioned to cry now coz his blisters were all better than the first day. Well, doesn't hurt to hug my poor baby a little more...

I alerted his school so today, they wiped him down instead of showering him after lunch. I prepared him before school but he said - but I'm not half day! Um, but do you want to cry in school??

The doc said it would take 7-10 days for the blisters to go away. I can't wait. In the meantime, baby, be brave and strong!

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