Tuesday, 22 August 2006


This week is very exciting again!

Siok is back from her month-long break and it looks like she'll still be with us :) I was just thinking this morning as I chewed my wholemeal peanut butter bread that my division - actually my previous division, just that I'm still physically located with them - wouldn't be the same without her, Dor, and very soon, FK and others. Maybe cos they were here when I first came in, except Siok, who came in about the same time as I did..

Settling well into new office now. Prefer the layout here to the old place. Just that my desk is a bit cluttered with unpacked stuff that should have been filed.. I'll do it when I finish fighting bush fires.

Actually, I sort of miss the old place on 15th floor in the next block.. Especially the lovely pantry where so many games of Scrabble were won and lost and so much gossip and fun stuff exchanged, and of course our very nice Inspired room - I remember we put the Ikea chairs together ourselves! *proud*

Anyway, I'm off to Shanghai tomorrow night for an event. Going back to pack my pretty suitcase now!


  1. kekek thanks for taking a pic of the name of the meeting room! : ) Another of Dash's design : ) Can Dash hv permission to use this pic on her blog too?

  2. your life sure sounds busy and exciting at the moment :) i'm always amazed by people who can put so much time and effort into their everyday work, and still have the energy to engage in other pursuits. can you rub some of your diligence off on me? :p

  3. previous post by Z ;)


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