Friday, 4 August 2006

Very disturbed

1) Shifu beckoned us to him..

Shifu: Eh, you have been putting on weight!
mf, Sito: o_O

It's one thing admitting to myself that I've put on weight and another when someone else says it =(

2) Trying to do some basics with our palms facing. Dan adjusted Sito's arms so that the elbows were facing down instead of outwards and both arms were directly in front of the shoulders.

Sito: Eh, very uncomfortable; I have chest muscles!

Dan grabbed Sito's chest from behind..

Dan: No, it's ok.

And he walked away..

mf: I'm very disturbed. Did you just grope Sito?!
Dan: No, grope is like this *demo only: hands lower*
Sito: I feel violated..

3) I haven't talked to Meh for two weeks..

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