Sunday, 6 August 2006

Learnt this when I was a fresher:

Being good-looking and being attractive are two different things.

And I curled up in bed last night thinking about this until I fell asleep..


  1. I know for a fact that as far as looking good is concerned, one's perspective is very different from other pp's, and I've since given up on trying to live up to other pp's standards or matching my perspective to other pp's perspectives. As for being attractive, well, it depends on what you attract. Isn't necessarily a good thing.

    Notice how your many recent posts no longer mention me? We need to hang out more.

    Isn't it amazing that my comment is longer than your post?

    Hahhahahaahha.... Nana

  2. Hahahaha I agree with you, you can be good-looking and not attractive.
    Being attractive depends on the person.
    You can be attractive to someone and another person.

    You just need to feel good with yourself.

  3. i believe its called X factor... nice day... dennis


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