Monday, 7 August 2006

Look up and smile

It was a beautiful weekend. I didn't venture far. Only met Insp for lunch in Tomato Town.

Wasn't hungry at dinner time but thought some vegetables would be good for me. Also thought the oyako soup would be good too - good meaning healthy.. Only, I didn't have the soup in the end; jus the oyako drained dry of soup.

I stood at the window with my bowl of vegetables and oyako. The walls of the flats in front were drenched in the setting sun. It had a calming effect.

Ended my dinner with a few spoonfuls of my blueberry yogurt, also at the window, marvelling at how much my precinct had changed with all the construction.

From not hungry, I became very full. Sighed out loud that I went into auto-pilot during dinner time..and returned to bed with my book and the oolong tea from earlier..

Sunday was again sunny and breezy. Walked to J8 for lunch with my primary school classmates before walking to find Grams, all the way happy cos the weather was fabulous!

Strange that at night on the way back, Mother told me she happened to glance up at the sky in the day and found it very pretty..

Yes, it was a beautiful weekend indeed :)

PS: Found the playground closed when I got to my Grams's place. I used to play there with my cousins some ten years ago, and now, it had been deemed too old..

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