Saturday, 19 August 2006

mf the OL

Definition: OL - office lady :p

I must confess: I haven't been reading blogs. No time to log my life as well - actually only a week :p Wrote most of below over a few bus rides, with my Dopod of course, henceforth known as my pink friend.

The OL works
I think people who read my blog - in fact, those who read blogs at all - could at most imagine the old days of assigning and receiving work through the physical in-tray and out-tray. Things now move way faster via emails. But the other day, I realised that mobile technology was one mark above!

In the past few months, I have been using phonecalls and sms a lot - both for receiving work and even getting approval for minor stuff. I'm going to get a bluetooth headset to facilitate working events. Can I claim? :p

Anyway, a busy and exciting period just went by. I'm now feeling the down after an adrenaline high..

Had some media thing this week. Almost fainted when I realised I forgot the slides! Luckily it was settled after my heart rate hit a new high..

The twitch of my nose
That - as in the heightened heart rate - might have helped what happened next: it took only two tries to get blood out of me this time; six months ago, it was three. Also improved on the 5-min nose test; started sneezing more than 30s after inhaling the allergent and only seven mild ones, compared to 20+ consecutive violent sneezes upon contact six months back. Next appointment is 14 Feb. They kindly asked if I would have any problem making the appointment - "you know, it's V Day." Well, life goes on! *.*

Test day
Oh, I also passed my final theory test in the past week! Congratulate me! Thought it was easier than the basic one.. Aim to pass practical on first try too! :)

The day of final theory test was also the day CY became her own boss! No, she didn't quit but she set up a stall in the Youth Park flea market selling slippers and necklaces and bags. Sito and I went down to support after dancing. I wanted a pretty pair of slippers but sob sob - I'm a
toa cah soh! =(

Didn't want to join CY et al for fireworks - went to watch fireworks two years ago with Yan and it was too crowded and I had to stand far too long waiting for three minutes of explosion! - so went to meet with Z et al. Besides Z, I haven't seen them for two years! Learnt from earlier email chain that one of the girls had just given birth to her first baby, how exciting!

Cancelled dance lesson yesterday as Sito was rushing for a flight (he's in Korea now) but since we were already there, we practised. Shifu's son gave us some advice on posture. So did the foreign couple - I don't know where they are from. I thought I would wake with a backache today but my calves were the one killing me. Went jogging nonetheless.

Back to dancing, the guy placed a drum stick horizontally under my bum, and up! I was immediately one inch taller, tail bone tucked in and connected to him. The lady taught me to connect my arm and neck positions, must remember.. But my body weight wasn't moving correctly =( I must practise!

The big move #1
In office now. We're using the weekend to shift to the next building to facilitate renovation of the current one. Packed most of my stuff into two huge boxes by 9pm Thurs night. Those were dead wood that we got professionals to help move.

Reminded me of term break in Oxford. All that moving! But it was quite fun actually cos a group of us would usually meet at one place to help someone move boxes and suitcases, before moving on to the next college to help another person. Sweaty and tired, we would end with lunch or dinner at our favourite eatery, which varied from Friends (which became Wok 22, then Wok 23; I don't know what it is now :p) to Cafe Orient to Liaison or whatever. Ahh, those were the days!

Anyway, yesterday, I moved my rubbish bin (!!) and other objects of awkward shapes and sizes into this new place. Today, I was supposed to unpack after checking that my boxes were in and internet etc connections were working fine but once I started up Lotus Notes, it was work!

Ok, I shall start unpacking now... Not everything, cos as the sub-heading suggests, there is a #2..

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  1. Once you dopod, it's difficult to turn back.. one day I'll upgrade to a blackberry and push emails instantly :)


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