Monday, 17 December 2007

Best friends

A question popped into my head just now: what are best friends?

Best friends seem to be something that people create to feel good about themselves; I have a best friend, hence I'm also a best friend to him/her.

But is that true? I have seen a case once, a few years ago, where someone was quite amused as to why this chap thought of him as his best friend; the feelings were not mutual.

How do people become best friends? It couldn't be just the amount of time they spend together else we would be best friends with our colleagues (there are but rare), our siblings (unfortunately not the case all the time) and the computer (but some people do have the computer as their best friend, right..?)

But then again, isn't it the quantity of time that makes you learn more about your friends and appreciate them for what they are? I would think few people start out a friendship thinking, hey, I just found my best friend! It's similar to the whole argument of whether you believe in love at first sight.

With best friends, I don't even need to spend quality time, say doing something useful or worthwhile, or discussing something of significance. With best friends, I just enjoy spending time with them; I can do and enjoy doing the silliest things on earth! I may have said this a year ago when I came across this line in some newsletter: time spent wasted with friends is not wasted time.

Oh, and you notice I said best friends, plural. Really, unlike a life partner (who can also be a best friend), why should there be just one best friend? I recall a note from a colleague who was an English teacher, something along the lines of the word "best" being a superlative and there has to be a comparison. But if I were to name a best friend right, I would be having a big headache (in addition to the hunger pangs I'm having now cos I had only cup noodles for dinner) cos whoever I choose, I wouldn't be fair to many others!

I remember that CY and I bought a pair of best friends pendants. You know, the two halves that come together to form one? I still have that in my jewel box and I'm sure CY still has it too - they hold lovely memories of walking home together, sometimes with icecream. But we must both have other "best friends" too, and I am glad to be able to count more than a few - blessed, I am :)


  1. Best friends are the kind that you know you can do shit with and no one really cares what the outcome is

  2. i agree that there is no need to restrict to one best friend. It's not fair to rank the friends and force yourself to say a particular person tops the list. Each friend means something different to us, and we all have a best friend at various stages of our lives. :)

  3. yes pong,i still have that pair of best friend pendants...though it looks very dusty n dark nw.....
    oh yaya..lovely memories of walking home n singing too.....n have our way of saying gdbye...shake shake ah bu......(the hand actions,duno how to describe here).....
    glad tt we have been best friends for more than 10 yrs...err....close to 20 liao..lao le..opps


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