Sunday, 9 December 2007

Do you smell plastic?

Did quite a bit of shopping with Na today - a top, two pairs (two pairs!) of shoes, eyeliner, mascara, facial mask.. We even went into a couple of shops to look at diamonds - she wanted earrings and I suddenly remembered I was going to buy a pair for Mother one day.. Learnt a bit about solitaires but Na was very funny - she could not tell the size difference between two stones! Anyway, it was a leisurely shopping trip, with lunch and tea thrown in.. 楽しかった! :)

But was a bit late for dinner with Grams.. Grams of course didn't mind :) So I stayed a bit longer to watch TV together..

There happened to be this Mediacorp 25th anniversary thing on TV - part of the star awards or something.. I had not been watching star awards for years but I thought this one was rather touching. I guess only people who have grown up with SBC-turned-TCS-turned-Mediacorp may feel touched..? I still remember many of the old drama series from my childhood, as young as maybe three or four? But I have lost touch with current Mediacorp productions already..

They really got the whole troupe from the old guards of the 1980s (whom I recognised) to the newbies of today (many of whom I didn't even know existed!) to show up, showcasing memorable characters and scenes. They even had two really really old actor and actress on stage; the old woman could barely walk! Hmm, do I count among the older generation already??

Speaking of seniority, I passed by the otah stall and was thinking if I should get some otah for dinner with Grams when..

Otah man UNCLE: 大姐,otah 来,三个一块!

大..大姐.. o_O

I quickly walked away and pretended that he called me 小姐 but I didn't want to buy..

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