Wednesday, 19 December 2007

What you don't know..

a) won't kill; or
b) will haunt you forever (or at least a while)?

I was walking up the stairs when I noticed this little dollop of shit on a step near the hand rail. Then I realised it was a tiny snail whose shell (if it was one) looked soft, like a round lump of flesh just smaller than a Chupa Chup.

It turned slightly away from me as I walked past. I thought it was cute :)

Then I worried. It was so small people might not see it; already, you see half crushed snails twice its size. Maybe I should carry it off the step.. But eeks, I wasn't about to touch it - no matter how cute it was, it was a bloody snail!

How about guiding it towards the corner of the step where it would be safer? But as I was thinking about it, I was already way past the snail..

Then I remembered that I passed by an old man on the stairs. I turned and saw him inching his way up along the hand rail..

The snail could die!!!!

But I walked on, heartlessly.... Now I don't know if the snail is still a cute round ball or a flattened mash =(

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