Saturday, 29 December 2007

Feeling.. not too rich

Year-end bonus is in and this year, I didn't bother to check if I had spent all of my 2007 bonuses. Too scared :p

Yet, I am still not careful in my spending.. It's like, the more you earn, the more you spend. When I had an increment this year, my percentage savings did not increase by the same proportion. Likely due to the recent wardrobe renewal, an increasing appetite and my preference for cabs after 9pm or so..

Wednesday was the first time I took a cab after the fare hike. I was dismayed to find that it took $11.60 to get from Orchard to home; last time, it cost about $7-8 =(

Granted, taking a cab in Singapore is still very cheap compared to other cities in developed countries. I just can't get over the rate of increase - my salary doesn't grow by 40% overnight...

* This is different from the GST hike, also a 40% increase from 5% to 7%, cos that is a rise in a percentage of the price of the expenditure item..

The only good thing is that there seem to be more cabs on the road these days. Actually, one road - Orchard Road. Last night, before midnight, we were in City Hall and there was no cab until we walked a bit further to reach the CBD boundary, i.e. $3 city surcharge applies. Well, if I were the cab driver, I would of course hang out in the CBD area for that surcharge and if you are outside the CBD, call for a cab and I will gladly drive in to bank the calling charge!

But I will still take a cab - time is more important, especially resting time..

Oh, milkshake at Macs costs $2.75, at least in the city area; last I had milkshake, it was in Tomato Town and I paid $2.20... I think that one of the few things that remained at 2003 dollar is foot reflexology - $20 for 45min. I shall go do that today :p

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  1. i took cab frm home to office in orchard in the's $18.60!SIGH!


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