Friday, 7 December 2007

Left, right, left

Was listening to Tanya Chua on the way home just now, and suddenly, I felt this urge to walk in a way like I used to.. You know, with a swank...


So I put a bounce in my steps in sync with the rhythm of the music.. Lalala...

Decided to term that the "MTV Walk" - guess it was almost like that movie Enchanted where Giselle was prancing around in Central Park.. Um, maybe not.. I doubt I have the guts to prance around suddenly in the centre of Tomato Town!

Anyway, I think I have been quite frumpy for a while.. I could only trace this as far back as April 2006 or so when I threw away my lovely but terribly worn pink strappy heels - I've never had such a pretty yet comfortable pair since, and I attribute my super aunty *gasp* walking posture to the lack of a pair of pretty heels!

I need to go shopping!

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