Saturday, 15 December 2007

While watching dorama

I just re-spent last Saturday, well, most of last Saturday.

For two consecutive Saturdays, I woke at 7.10am to jog. And, in the same pair of socks! I admit I didn't wash them last week, horrible mf! :p Then I had fusilli in pesto for brunch and went to JAS. Then I braved the rain to get to the bus stop for the bus home. Hungry mf headed immediately for the kitchen and found melon soup. I watched dorama.

The different bits were that I met Mdm last week after jogging but I was working and reading this week. I won a little purse in a lucky at the 納会 today. The melon soup last week had only crab sticks and prawns with too much eggs while today, it also had pork slices with just the right amount of eggs, yummy..

It is very seldom these days that I repeat a schedule. There are always so many things to do and these things are always changing week after week; movie, shopping, karaoke, facial, massage, kopi, dancing, office work, house work.. My Saturdays are now rather different from Saturdays just a couple of years ago..

Hmm, things really change ah.. The empty space in front of Grams's shophouse became a carpark. Even the shophouse changed, giving way to a beauty salon and some laboratory, which later became another beauty or hair salon.

At least it wasn't torn down like Na's old place would be; passed by the other day and it was partially torn down.. I remember spending some good times there, #06-04.. SZ too, right? - We were 19 :)

And we're 27 now.. With mf going to 28 :p

Oh well, year end, always a time for some thinking, however trivial it may be.. After all, it's fluffy mf! Enjoy the season, everyone :)

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