Friday, 11 June 2010

Dreamily, mf lives

I'm listening to a fun song now - and feeling happy!

I guess I'm luckier than most, in that I become happy easily.

Sure, the toils and turmoils of work and life get to me sometimes, some people have a greater effect on me than others, and there are bad hair or whatever days. But I just need a little something, say a comforting gesture or a lazy afternoon, to get me going again. In this case, it's my medical leave and happy songs! Let's skip the medical leave next time, pls.....

I wonder if I have always been like this. From the bits and pieces I remember of my early childhood and from old photos, I was one happy little girl, who didn't even cry when left alone in kindergarten.

From there, I remember everything by school years - :) in primary school, =( in secondary school, :)) in JC, =)) in university - largely because there was a lot of unhappiness outside of school, terrible days when I had to endure all the quarreling and the screaming too... That kind of puts a lot of things into perspective.

But while I say that my schools, especially JC and university, have moulded the mf today, I cannot ignore the fact that my family may have an even greater effect on me - it made me realise that it is most important to be happy :)

And so, I have been rather 看得开, and I don't try to control things I cannot control, which interestingly has also led me to try to control everything controllable - take a peek at how I organise my music and pictures :p (less organised now but I'm trying!)

I also like to take things easy, take the time to smell the pretty flowers, gaze at clear blue skies and play with the lovely sheep (plural now).

Just thinking about what SY and XY said a long time ago* and I realise the stark difference between the two of them and mf: they seem to think life boring without work while I envy them! Psst, do you still think so? :)

*Can't remember when - I drafted this a long time ago!

Sito is another one - must work! Good la, at least one of us should be hardworking :p

Honestly, I could appreciate the need to work when work is exciting.. My job can be exciting and satisfying but tiring. In fact, lately, there isn't much excitement! And there isn't much time either! Perhaps cos of my part-time diploma too... Who am I kidding.. Yes, my part-time course is taking away a lot of leisure time!

I really want to have the time to do things I want to do and gaze at blue skies and sleeping cats. Some guy once said that only those who could not afford it would enjoy idling the most. I couldn't agree more!

But I shall be zen about it, just take things as they come. After all, I still want to live on dreamily..

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  1. i think i like to gaze at blue skies and daydream too!

    i enjoy leisure time too..i think working till 4am in this job has made rethink about certain is not everything


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