Thursday, 24 June 2010

Showing off my spoils :))

Was waiting at the bus stop and happened to stare straight ahead - into a cockroach bigger than my head! Surely, it must be illegal for advertisements to scare people like that!!

Other than that, it was a lovely day :)

Woke at 7am for some reason and waited for the alarm clock.. Switched on my laptop and did a little work while Sito prepared for work. At one point, he laughed. Apparently, he just said something to me while I was staring intently at my laptop screen - and I didn't hear him at all! See, that's what work does to us *.*

Anyway, after sending him off to work (with my eyes :p), I got down to some serious ironing while watching a Chinese drama I borrowed from boss - had Sito's permission to watch it alone cos he got hooked on to that show too! First time that he's watching a drama with me :) Not the cute type but very nice so far, check it out.. The English link is here.

Finally got out just before noon. Went shopping!!! Look at my spoils *proud*

Isetan Scotts:
a) sweatshirt - makes me look boobier :p $19
b) long top, or a short dress - cos it's bright pink! :D $29
c) frilly floral dress - makes me cute :) $69

This leg ended with six tako balls without tako - had scallops instead cos it was Hokkadio fair!

Far East: Haven't been there for ages until last weekend when Sito and I took a quick walk while whiling time before dinner.. Today, I really 淘到宝!
d) another floral dress at $22 - one third the price of (c)!
e) and (d) comes with a belt! - quite worth it, right??
f) found an amazing shop with things like fake eyelash applicator! - holds the furries in place while you apply glue and stick to your eyelids - can't wait to try! $10.90
g) princess hair tool! - um, volumise the top of my crown? $7.90
h) and of course, two boxes of fake eyelashes! Size 4 and 7. Size 4 is longer.. Hmmm... $38
i) comfy jeans - since I'll probably be living in jeans for the next two years! $35.90
j) pretty hairband! $5
k) brooches - work as hairclips too! Three for $5

Left Far East for Heeren..
l) pyjamas, under which are some three or four bras and five pairs of panties at super low prices cos shop is closing down *.* $48.90

Then I bought movie tickets for Saturday, redeemed a voucher at 313 and bought groceries (in the fridge!) before coming home :)

Oh, let's be complete:
m) the base of our fan :p
n) battery for weighing machine :p

Oh yeah, I'm feeling happy :)

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