Friday, 11 June 2010

mf is on medical leave today

Had a minor surgical procedure this morning. Was a bit nervous but Sito was with me :)

Nurse said that Sito would have to wait outside but she would bring him in when the procedure was over.

So I laid down on something that looked like a dentist chair, and read 8days from February - I haven't read that for years! Like, more than a decade! (Read a scanned article last month but that was work :p)

Then, I was given an injection on the back of my hand. The last thing I remember was shifting my butt to a more comfortable position with the nurse helping me.

Then I was in some forgettable dream.

Then I woke. Very suddenly. In a bed in another room.

Sito came to me and I realised that it was over. Oh.

My legs were wobbly at first but hunger proved more powerful - had to fast - and powered my journey to the coffee shop for an early lunch :) We slept most of the afternoon away :)

And now, I'm up! Cooked udon for dinner - the joys of a fridge full of frozen food! Never need to go downstairs when I don't need to :)

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