Monday, 7 June 2010

First trip to a gynae

Went for a pre-pregnancy scan this pm. This may get a bit eek-ish for some...

One nurse at the counter was very cartoon in a nice way - that lightened me up a bit cos I was quite nervous! I mean, I was going to be examined there leh! Last that happened was with my lady GP whom I've seen for more than 10 years. And of cos Mabel at my spa for ahem, asthetic procedures :p

And so, I started doing my dreaded essay while waiting for my turn. Within that hour, I peed twice - once cos it was such a long wait! And another cos nurse said I should for a better scan.

Then, I was in.

Then, it was in!

Ok la, not so soon :p

Dr was an old chap with good bedside manners. "Milk," he said, "is for calves, not us." I've verified with him that soy milk is ok so that I can still have my muesli. Then it's "let's take a look at you!"

Nurse led me behind the curtain where I stripped before she draped a piece of cloth - pink! - over me. Then Dr came over, and the rest was history!

It wasn't very comfy but it wasn't terrible either. Just strange to have a probe in me. Very strange. Stranger than a PAP smear because it went further *.* Glad Dr kept talking - I felt better with the distraction! Later, he even gave me a book list on nutrition and recipes, and showed me his old photos when he was fat!

Still feeling a bit strange now. But I'm glad I went with Jo's suggestion to have a baseline scan of the insides before pregnancy. My dear girlfriends reading this, pls go see a gynae before trying to conceive!

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  1. Erm I don't get the milk part. Explain? Nana


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